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Regarding The Latest Downtime April 28, 2008

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On Friday April 25th at 3:50 PM, I received the following email from SmokyHosts:

“As you’d already have realised, the server … is currently down. We already know about this and our server administrators are working on it to fix the issue.

The actual issue and the reason … is concerned with the server security.”

The following day at 10:09 AM:

“The server … has been down now for about 22 hours. We are extremely sorry for the downtime, but hope you understand that it was very much necessary.

About 22 hours ago, … somebody is trying to hack into the server. At that very instant, we took the server offline so that we can keep all the data protected.

The hacker had launched some infected script/program onto the server! On further thought, … we will instead move all the data to a newly installed hard-disk on the server. And since it was a weekend, we finalised that it will be a wise decision to take down the server and secure the data.

At this very instant, the data movement is in progress and we are working hard to finish the task as fast as possible.

At this time, as we sense it could take about another 12 hours for the task to finish.”

Finally, Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 12:08 PM.

“Now this is … a weeked which we wish never repeats!!

Let us assure you that your data is perfectly preserved and you will be receiving your account and data as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, due to an error … we are having to redo the complete task which has actually made us break our previously given ETA. As of right now, half the hard-disk transfer is already completed and the remaining half is there which we expect would take atleast another 8 hours.”

The latest word at Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 12:56 AM:

“After repeated trials, … we are planning to restore the server to the latest backup of all your data that we have, which will be dated to the 17th of April 2008, which ofcourse will be after a few more hours of trying to remove the infected files.

Keeping our fingers crossed, we will still put up few last ideas in order to get the server back to normal and will let you all know before resorting to the latest available backups.”

And 1 hours later:

“The damage has been caused upto an extent that whichever method we follow to transfer the data to the new hard-disk, the infected files also get transfered! So the only final resort is to restore the backups of last weekend i.e. 17th of April 2008.

Keeping in mind that your data is indeed quite important, we will selectively agree to move your data from the infected hard-disk (as that hard-disk is still with us and connected to the server).

As an appreciation to your patience during all this downtime issues, we will be offering compensation to all of you once this issue is completely resolved.”

New accounts are already planned to be created on our newly acquired servers, however the data to create them is also down with the server. Let’s hope that SmokyHosts can get us back online soon. It will be good to have the security fixed, and the compensation will help us get through the next month for sure.



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