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Our Confusing Situation April 30, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in downtime.
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SmokyHosts has asked me to find out if anyone needs files restored from April 25th, as they will be restoring these selectively. (Just send me an email if this is you.)

I don’t know what’s going on with the server. I could see the website yesterday and I can’t today. According to Host-Tracker, for the other half of the world, it’s pointing to the IP, displaying the ‘Great Success! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server’ page.

Regarding new websites, we are quite eager to get them online on a separate, more reliable, server as soon as possible. (The one Mike was talking about in the last post.) However, both the data and the script to create them are currently down with the server. We can’t do anything until we have both of these.

Once I get a reply from SmokyHosts, I will know if this is possible or not. Your patience is appreciated.



1. SuperHawk - April 30, 2008

Do you have an estimated time frame when IsMyWebsite (and all it’s accounts) will be back online?

2. Ben Shelock - April 30, 2008

Have you any idea when the site will be back up?

3. Chris - April 30, 2008

Has this downtime caused our files to be deleted?

4. ismywebsite - April 30, 2008

It’s all up to SmokyHosts at this point. They managed to have it online with 100 accounts for a period yesterday, but it’s back offline as of this morning.

I have separate servers ready to go, but as I’ve mentioned I’m missing both the script and the data to build them. About the only thing you can do to help at this point is use the toolbar for your web searching.

5. J,R,D, Ltd - April 30, 2008

I saw the WHM new install screen earlier today but now I can’t even access the server, I hope SmokyHosts will be able to get the server back up very soon.

May I ask how using the toolbar helps? Do you get paid for searches?

6. ismywebsite - April 30, 2008

All possible attempts are being made to restore lost files, however the virus seems to transfer to nearly any device used to transfer the data so it is quite difficult.

Yes, I get paid when you use the toolbar for searches.

7. frixoft - May 1, 2008

If people kept good backups the situation would be much simpler. People should keep a backup of there site elsewhere (eg on there own pc) and update it each time they update there site. If the IsMyWebsite.com site was backed up like this then we would still have the login/signup scripts. And if all the users did the same then we would just be able to ditch the old virus infected stuff, re-upload everything from backups and start afresh. We might lose stuff on databases, such as the latest user data, but if everyone all kept backups most of our sites would be able to get back online quite quickly, and the IsMyWebsite user data could be recreated from scratch. This wouldn’t be the best advice if the downtime had just been a few days, but the whole things been down for nearly a week, and judging by the posts on the blog home about what smokyhosts has said, it looks like it’ll be out for a lot longer, and we might all have to resort backups in the end anyway. I’m not complaining, and I’d like to say that my experience of IsMyWebsite.com has been great so far, I’m just saying that people need to keep backups. I know smokyhosts keeps backups, but these are probably only once a week or something like that and won’t be the latest copies of everyones sites, but if everyone kept there own and updated it each time they updated there site, then we’d have the latest copies to hand now. Hopefully people will learn from this and keep backups in the future.

8. J,R,D, Ltd - May 2, 2008

I have all of the core files for my sites but the latest data from user input (not in a sql database but stored in files) is down with the server (I don’t think there is data from any other users except me though).

9. Adminjames - May 3, 2008

I have my site backed up at the core too, but I don’t need my account restored, cause I can just re-signup to IMW, and upload my site, plus, while the server has been down, I have been rewriting my site from scratch anyway, so I only need to signup and get site space, that’s all! Am ready to go, am just waiting for everything to be sorted… Annoying by the way… But my time on IMW, before all this mess was a great experience, the best host I have seen in all my time (my time being 4+ years) LOL.

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