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Be Right Back… May 2, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in downtime.
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At this point, no further word from SmokyHosts about any progress. In an effort to bring the site back online I have purchased paid hosting with SurfWebHost which will redirect to this blog for the time being.

The plan I purchased comes with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime and unlimited subdomains. I have talked to one of the owners of the company to ensure they will allow us to utilize those subdomains as a redirection to accounts hosted elsewhere.

Once the main website has been re-established, we can start creation of new websites on ‘nodes’ – reseller accounts which will each hold a selection of client websites on a similar domain. (IsMyWs, IsNumberOne, and a growing number of others.)

The advantages of this setup include:

  • No dependance on any one company or server to maintain the site.
  • Should one of our ‘nodes’ go down, the others will remain up and, more importantly, we will still be able to communicate with the client.
  • Each ‘node’ can have individual management, without revealing any of the main website code, client passwords, or potential threats to the main website.
  • This setup allows clients upgraded to resellers or with their own servers to host certain clients without sacrifice to everyone else. (Of course we will be only allowing select clients this privelege.)
  • Should the main site go down, everyone’s websites will still be safe (minus the redirection).
  • Hosting the database and main site on another server is a separate layer of security from hackers.
  • Our more trusted clients can be hosted on more reliable servers to keep them away from the new clients who could potentially cause damage.

For the time being, I am still waiting for the domain to propagate and slowly reconstructing the site starting this weekend.



1. J,R,D, Ltd - May 2, 2008

This sounds like a great idea!

btw. Will the accounts of existing members that signup to isnumberone be merged with the accounts that they have now or will they end up with two accounts?

2. ismywebsite - May 2, 2008

We will do our best to merge the two, assuming we can get data from IsMyWebsite.

3. J,R,D, Ltd - May 2, 2008

Great so we can start getting our sites back online.

I have an idea for when you do get account files back, You could put a compressed version of our site on our account for us if we have gotten hosting from isnumberone since we probably would have rebuilt our ste with the same file structure and file names and putting the old ones back could cause conflicts. Just an idea of mine.

4. ismywebsite - May 2, 2008

I haven’t worked out exactly how I’m going to transfer over 1000 sites off their server just yet.

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