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Forum Reopened! May 4, 2008

Posted by Nathan in development.
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I’m pleased to announce that the IsMyWebsite Webmaster Forum has officially reopened. As you browse the forum, you are likely to notice the new theme and the new version of phpBB. Be sure to check out the new forum and please let me know what you think. 🙂



1. J,R,D, Ltd - May 4, 2008

It looks good except I think the header and footer images should not be so wide because they would stretch the page on an 800*600 screen resolution.

2. pvcsnathan - May 4, 2008

Oh my, do you still run at 800×600? :O **hides 1920×1200**

3. ForGeeks - May 5, 2008

Happy to see the forum is back again using a pretty uptodate backup 😉
Nice theme also.

4. J,R,D, Ltd - May 5, 2008

Yes I do because my monitor doesn’t support any higher than 1024*768, ideally I think I would probably run in 1280*1024 but enough about my monitor.

I’m sure if we have any elderly members or members whose eyesight isn’t the best than they would probably be running on 800*600 so it is easier to see and it does get kind of annoying to have to scroll the page left to right to be able to read the whole thing.

If you wanted to make the theme be native to most all screen resolutions then you could probably use javascript to use certain header/footer images depending on what size the users screen was.

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