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Future Hosting Dilemma May 4, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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Rebuilding Our Website

The forum has been brought online and upgraded to PHPBB3. We are successfully installed on a reliable hosting service for the main site, and all data has been transfered from SmokyHosts. There are still a few things to sort out before the site is fully online, but expect it soon.

Hosting And Your Websites

SmokyHosts has set us up on a new server, and, if we’re moving, we have one month to do it in. Unless there is a radical shift in the opinion of my clients, this is how it’s happening.

Our current plan calls for the opening of several nodes to spread out our server load. The optimal capacity with our current 4 planned nodes will only fit 2000 out of 3247 pending websites. Each node will host websites on a separate domain, with the ismywebsite.com sub-domain redirecting to that address. Current nodes (and capacity):

  • IsMyWs.com (750)
  • IsNumberOne.org (750)
  • IsMyHost.com (250)
  • HaloClan.Us (250)

Anyone interested in setting up or helping finance a node of their own can email me.


1. pvcsnathan - May 4, 2008

Looks like you may want to keep SmokyHosts for the remaining clients. I’m really not sure how well this is going to work out…having the servers spread out like that brings up all sorts of problems we haven’t had to deal with before.

I can think of all sorts of systems that could possibly work better, but those require money and that seems to be something we’re short on at the moment.

2. ForGeeks - May 5, 2008

Does this mean that the domain ismywebsite.com is not used for hosting anymore?
Or is ismywebsite.com ment by IsMyWs.com ?

About the other clients, I agree with pcvsnathan.
When it is not possible to host them on the mentioned four domains/nodes, I think it would be wise to keep some space by SmokyHosts for the other clients.

3. frixoft - May 5, 2008

good idea. so basically you’re building a web garden (a number of servers hosting different parts of a site). how long do u think itll be before everythings back??????

4. Valareos - May 5, 2008

yea, moment i found a system that looked like would work great for what i wanted, it gets hacked after i apply 😛

Honestly though, i personally dont have a problem being on a waiting list for a service that is just as good or better than some paid services.

If the object is that we cant currently afford another node, forcing us to keep some people on a waiting list, then so be it. As the sites and advertising revenue grow, you can add more nodes. As space becomes availiable, you can pull people from the waiting list.

You also already have the tier limitations set. simply arrange it so that you have a set “tier slot” of certain size. Beginning websites have 1 slot, and if they are at a point to grow, they are put on the waiting list for a slot. that slot simply gets added to their existing slot. next growth spurt, same thing.

This maximizes the potential of new members getting a slot, while fairly distributing slots to those who are growing

5. Valareos - May 5, 2008

ok that confused me just reading about it lol.. only one waiting list.. but whether a person is requesting their first slot, or requesting an additional slot added on, they placed in line on a “first come first served” basis

as you add more nodes, hopefully the waiting list gets shorter

6. weerabbit - May 5, 2008

I do not know what is going on now or what will be for ismywebsite. For now, I want to know how can I backup my data as I can not access my site since a while ago

7. frixoft - May 5, 2008

Some of the sites still online! If you go on the forum and click Features, the page is still there, and I can navigate round the site. I can even log into my account. There are some pages gone, including the hosting page, and all the mail message contents have disappeared, but then I went onto the signup page. I put in some random details to test if it still worked, and it gave be back a signup success page! I haven’t got the confirmation email through, but it may take a while for that. But if I got the signup to work, maybe the scripts still there! Quickly check it!

8. ismywebsite - May 5, 2008

Some key points:

1) The sub-domain of IsMyWebsite.com will be used as a redirect to domains hosted on other nodes. Old addresses will not be lost, and most of the nodes will aim to be on similiar domains that are shorter.

2) The IsMyWebsite.com website is still used to apply for hosting, manage your websites, generate and place advertising, and interact with the community. All changes to this website will be minimal.

3) The IsMyHost.com node is the top node for the most trusted websites and select clients who may want to run resellers of their own. Though this server is more powerful, the limit is more strict because of the expected growth in these websites.

4) For the time being, can I request that people NOT explore the website. I don’t think anything major is going to happen if you do, but just in case. It’s there for admin testing only. (The forum is, however, fully open.)

5) We will bring the SmokyHosts websites online as soon as possible using a redirect to the IP user address (http://???.???.???.???/~user) and provide access for those clients to their accounts.

Thanks everyone.

9. pvcsnathan - May 5, 2008

There is data up until April 14, so if you registered after that you’ll have to go through the signup process again to recreate your site. However, I don’t think that registration/site creation is ready yet, so new sites aren’t being created at this time.

10. zakob - v-4u - vidwiios - jakob - May 5, 2008

What about the hosting from hellatech hosting? I thought the space and bandwidth from them was unmetered. So couldn’t you take on all clients?

11. zakob - v-4u - vidwiios - jakob - May 5, 2008

What about the hosting from hellatech hosting? I thought the space and bandwidth from them was unmetered. So couldn’t you take on all clients??

12. pvcsnathan - May 5, 2008

Even with so-called “unlimited” bandwidth and space, one machine can’t handle that many accounts.

13. J,R,D, Ltd - May 5, 2008

It looks like you’re short space for 1247 websites plus new ones. You might need to keep smokyhosts as a node unless you can find a better one, you may want to look into Hellatechhosting like zakob-v-4u… said maybe ask them afew questions about how long they have been in the business and such.

http://www.hellatechhosting.com/reseller.html Hellatech has a reseller plan with “unmetered” space and bandwidth for $9, good deal I think if they can live up to it but even though they say 99.99% (on there about page they say 99.8%) uptime and unmetered resources that doesn’t mean that they can support unlimited clients indefinitely. They also don’t say when the started there business.

14. ismywebsite - May 6, 2008

Hellatechhosting decided they don’t allow free hosting after the creation of just half of our planned accounts.

15. zakob - v-4u - vidwiios - jakob - May 6, 2008

I know a pretty good reseller matt, I’m going to im it to you as a suggestion.

16. J,R,D, Ltd - May 6, 2008

“Hellatechhosting decided they don’t allow free hosting after the creation of just half of our planned accounts.”

Probably because they know they can’t offer unlimited resources and don’t wan’t there servers to crash.

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