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Node Status Update May 6, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.

Here’s a complete status of all nodes now in the works:

  • IsMyWs.com (0/750) – Now online, and we’re going to be filling up the 750 slots shortly with new clients. Should not be long, and may in fact be tonight.
  • IsNumberOne.org (7/750) – Especially set up by Infernowrestling. Now online, and to be filled with sites after ismyws.com is full.
  • IsMyHost.com (0/250) – Currently undergoing some configuration trouble. (It appears it was set up wrong when we got it.) We are now attempting a reset to bring it online again. Because this will be our largest node and we will have much greater control over restrictions in place here, this is where our top clients will go once we have ensured it’s working.
  • HaloClan.us (0/250) – A node set up by Mike specifically for hosting Halo clan websites. This will be actually a sub-node of IsMyHost, and is going through the same trouble. Mike has set up a blog about it at http://haloclanhosting.wordpress.com/.
  • IsMyWebs.com (977/1000) – This is our previous SmokyHosts reseller, with the domain changed. SmokyHosts has assured me their security has been upgraded sufficiently, so accounts hosted here will likely remain here unless a move is specifically requested by clients.
  • IsMyWb.com (0/750) – Recently acquired for expansion.
  • IsMyWe.com (0/750) – Recently acquired for expansion.

I’ll be relying on the placing of ads to ensure we can keep providing this in the future, and possibly even expand.



1. J,R,D, Ltd - May 6, 2008

That looks great and it supports 4,500 websites.

I’ll make sure that all of my sites have the advertising code placed.

2. ForGeeks - May 7, 2008

Just some questions;

– Why is the domain name for hosted websites changed from IsMyWebsite.com to IsMyWebs.com ?

– I noticed that IsMyWebs.com is not reachable at the moment, and for example my subdomain is also not reachable. Will we get a notice when our subdomains are back up again, or moved to another domain?

– Is there a difference in server installation (with or without Apache, Windows/Linux, Safemode on/off etc…) of SmokyHosts and the other host? Will this result in different functionality, for example .htaccess not working?

Glad to see this progress, good work 😉

3. Brandon - May 7, 2008

Gr8. Unlucky about hosting!!! I know its a difficult time but actually it is an excellent oppurtinity to revamp the site, Including adding Live Support!!!

Email me!

4. pvcsnathan - May 7, 2008

Yeah, revamp the site………

5. ismywebsite - May 7, 2008

@ForGeeks – The domain IsMyWebsite.com is used with a separate server already, so unless I host the main site on SmokyHosts again (which many people are opposed to), I need to change the domain for all the accounts.

@Brandon&Pvcsnathan – Maybe you guys can work together so we get Live Support without the risks associated with Brandon’s full access. (I’m fine with setting up the FTP account and database(s) he needs, but there is going to have to be slight modifications to the main site.)

6. pvcsnathan - May 8, 2008

I’m against the “live support” idea since I can’t see that as ever working…it will simply create more headaches and even more pissed off users. I think that it would be best that if someone really needs live support they can instant message a support team member. Everything else needs to be working before even thinking about doing live support.

7. mikespears - May 9, 2008

i agree with pvcsnathan

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