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Current Progress May 10, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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There are a lot of people asking for an ETA of when the site will be back up. I want to assure everyone that I am working as hard as possible on this. The current issues which need to be resolved before we come back online are:

  1. The DNS for ismywebs.com needs to work and the subdomain needs to be changed for the accounts.
  2. The creation of the remaining subdomains on our main domain. I also need to finish the subdomain page to have the proper redirects and a full array of messages.
  3. Some accounts on the nodes aren’t being created. I just need to figure out why and resolve those issues.
  4. Slight modifications to the website to display a link to the new cPanel, FTP, and File Manager links.

Most of these can be done with automated scripts, which means I can work on more than one at once. Also, parts of the site and numerous accounts are already open. I hope this weekend will be our last offline, and if things go smoothly it easily could be.

I will cross these out as they are completed so everyone can see.



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