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Advertising ‘Solution’ May 10, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in development.
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Imagine, for a moment, you were subliminally told you were an evil, selfish, and/or ignorant person because you didn’t place ads and that you had to or your site would go offline!

Imagine you are a typical, standard human being with a million other things you’d rather do at this particular moment in time, and you are now forced to add commercial content to your website, which you already painstakingly made perfect. Essentially going out of your way to contribute funds to somewhere you don’t know or even care about.

When you get this communication, after ‘Who?’ and ‘What?’, your first question is ‘Why?’, with the obvious answer being something like ‘because we’re in charge and we can shut your site down if you don’t’. Followed by ‘When?’, which means you’ll have to put off one of your million things for another day. Then ‘Where?’. Well, there’s some nice space at the bottom here somewhere… Finally ‘How?’.


Let’s say, for example, you built your site with Fantastico, the very easy, ‘single-click’, installer of dozens of ready-to-go scripts. It took you all of 5 seconds to get online. And now, you are faced with the challenge of sifting through hundreds of configuration files to find the exact one the edits the right part of your layout to insert the ads, which you don’t want there to begin with.

Finally, before you pull all your hair out, you locate that there is a section of the forum to help you and it does have the answer you’re looking for. Mustering up the courage to trust the resources provided by another user where you have no idea what you’re doing, you set out…

Not shown: The wait for Google AdSense to be generated, what happens if your script is not covered on our forums, what happens when you don’t get the email about this, and of course, any inkling of a patriotic duty to your free host to place proper ads.

Apart from the idea above, which keeps popping up and I almost went through with, does anyone know what can be done to solve our advertising problem? We don’t need ads placed. We need ads placed well!



1. frixoft - May 11, 2008

how about you offer a reasonable ammount of credits for showing ads. that way people arent forced to put ads on their site and they have no time limit to put them on, but they get benefits if they do so that way people will do it.

alternatively you could automatically place ads on everyones site and then allow people to customize them if they want to, an when they get the time to

2. Valareos - May 11, 2008

Well, When i was waiting on my site to become added (before the hacking mind you) I had the pages i was going to transfer already

I placed one of the ads that ismywebsite offered on the site, and watched as i was getting credits per view.

I thought.. what a great system, to give us full control over where the add was placed, allowing me to ensure it merged seamlessly with my sites.

Ahh but im a web designer who makes php scripts from scratch…

So let me fill the role of a “scriptbunny” website maker.

What would be the easiest thing for me to place in my website if i knew nothing on the internal workings of a website?

and my thought?

say I got a website called mywebs.ismyweb.com.. when someone goes to that website, it goes to a frame page. the top area is the website, and at the bottom…. the advertisements… this means that i dont have to worry about placing advertisements, it is auto placed in a visible, but not obtrusive place.

add a nice script to keep people from linking to mywebs.ismyweb.com/index.htm to bypass the frame page and your done

3. ismywebsite - May 11, 2008

Valareos, that’s a great idea. Did you want to make a tutorial on how to do it and I’ll put it up on the site? We could also have it on the forum.

4. Valareos - May 11, 2008

I can create a template page for it as an example no problem. Ill squeeze it in between work

5. ismywebsite - May 11, 2008

Hey thanks a lot for your help. Are you able to make a full tutorial on the use? (From your post, it seems you’re quite good at writing.)

6. J,R,D, Ltd - May 11, 2008

You have a good story there and it is very true for alot of webmasters.

Aren’t Advisors supposed to help with website questions and ad placement? Although there are probably a lot of people that haven’t chosen an Advisor.

I was trying to think up a good way for you to do the ads without automatically placing them (forcing, like the low end free hosts do) and I think the best way is to tell the user that they need to place the ads and that if they would like help then they can either ask their Advisor (if they have one otherwise you say they can get one here{linked to the Advisor page} and that an Advisor can help their website grow etc) or ask in the chat or post on the forums. And if they haven’t placed ad code in a certain amount of time you can have a script send them an email containing similar information as when you told them they needed to put ads up.

And if they don’t put up the ad code after a set amount of time after they have been reminded then you can either suspend their account or send a warning email.

I know that if I was a new user at IMW I would find that system to be fair.

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