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Change Of Plans May 12, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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Two things have happened:

  1. SurfWebHosts can’t offer us the required LayeredPanel hosting, which I also doesn’t appear it would have worked as well as predicted.
  2. SmokyHosts can’t seem to get the domain to change, and in addition changing the domain on all the accounts is proving to be a harder challenge than initially thought. (First you have to fetch just about every detail of the account, and only then can you change one aspect of it.)

Essentially, changing the domain to work with SmokyHosts again will get us online today, with nodes, and the option to transition away from them later. As the server usage increases, we can move accounts off to IsMyHost.com – which is now working as well!



1. zakob - May 12, 2008

Sounds great. I see that ismywebsite is online now. I’ll continue to use the great services matt!

2. weerabbit - May 12, 2008

I am glad that the Ismywebsite is up now. However, it seems some data missing on my site. The last post of my blod should be 23rd, April, 2008, but it was dated on 16th, April.

It would be appreciated if you could recovery it. If it is impossible, then it is OK.

Cheers man!

3. Chris - May 13, 2008

Thank you so much for working hard to bring us back online… but I have a question that bothers me: is my website going to move to a new server/domain or will I still remain on IsMyWebsite.com ?

Thanks again, you guys rock!

-Chris, founder of RotB (Reviews on the Blog).

4. frixoft - May 13, 2008

when i go to the site it says this account had been suspended. whats going on?

5. skorpyo - May 13, 2008

well…the site is online but i have a site all ready on the old(i think) server and i go to the cpanel and seems like nothing is working on it…no file manager, fantastico, mysql…nothing…

6. J,R,D, Ltd - May 13, 2008

Thats great by my site seams to be down and the subdomains on the IMW site seem to be down but my sisters site is working (except the subdomains), Any idea why this is?

7. Ben - May 13, 2008

Good job on getting the site back up but I cant login or register.

8. ismywebsite - May 14, 2008

Thanks for not abandoning us.

As mentioned, data was lost up to April 14th. There was no way to transfer the data off the server without also transfering the virus. (Which apparently was already existant for a week so we had to go back 2 weeks in the backup.)

I hope you will (1) be able to recover the lost data and (2) utilize the backup options in your cPanel periodically. There will always be the possiblity of lost data, even in the best datacenters. Two copies are better than one.

We are transitioning into a multi-node setup. Each node will have a separate domain, which means subdomains there will be in the form of ???.newdomain.com. I will, however, set up a redirect on request from the domain ???.ismywebsite.com.

Ultimately, if we want to host everything under the domain ismywebsite.com, it requires a server cluster. This is quite expensive but we could easily afford it if everyone placed valid ads.

Shortly after I switched the DNS, SurfWebHosts updated the LayeredPanel account to have many of the requested features. They then suspended the cPanel account, where the domain was previously set to operate.

Within 48 hours the DNS Will update with your ISP. If it doesn’t you can try openDNS (http://www.openDNS.com/). This is a service that gives you up-to-date DNS for your computer.

1) The IP address has changed. If you’re trying to access the old IP address, it wont work.

2) The Hosting section was still being updated at certain points, so it wouldn’t have linked to the right place durign that time.

@JRD Ltd
It depends on the subdomain. Any subdomain (1) created after April 14th, (2) not transfered from the old old server, or (3) originally redirected to the new nodes, wont work right now. I’ll need to get automated scripts to fix them.

What happens when you try? I tested registration yesterday and it worked.

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