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Working “Perfectly”, Says SmokyHosts May 15, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in downtime.
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It was cPanel before, and now it’s the entire site! According to Host-Tracker, the connection is being refused everywhere. In other words, the server is not answering requests deliberately.

Yes sir, i am able to perfectly access [cPanel URL] at my end!

Smokyhosts Support Team

Regardless of how that turns out, I am now getting hosting with Wildcard DNS enabled from CorexHosting, so instead of creating the thousands of subdomains they can automatically exist! They are remarkably fast at setting up my account, so I will have the site back online shortly, originally as a redirect to this blog.

As far as development goes, I’m on schedule to complete the administration tools that will enable me to effectively manage the multi-node setup. This is the first critical step in creating and fixing everyone’s accounts. There are lots of offers to create nodes now, so I have plenty to fit everyone.

Thanks to those who have stayed with me up to this point, and most definitely you will be able to get whatever hosting you need in the end. It’s just a matter of time, since I’m not giving up.


1. J,R,D, Ltd - May 15, 2008

Hopefully IMW will be back online before too much longer.

Is there anything any of us can do to help?

2. ismywebsite - May 15, 2008

1) Use the toolbar.

2) Possibly place AdSense ads on any popular websites.

3) Test the site to see if all the domains work.

4) Stay active in the blog.

5) Don’t abandon our host.

6) Get OpenDNS so the site loads right away for you.

7) Be ready for when we’re back.

8] Set up a node possibly. (With a domain starting in ‘is’ preferred.)

9) Look for credit system items.

10) Come up with new ideas for the advertising system, improving our setup, and maintaining client activity.

11) Stay optimistic.

12) Seek out new opportunity.

13) Create a set of banners for our site we can use later.

14) Come up with something fun to do when we open again.

15) Grab your files off SmokyHosts so you don’t lose them.

16) Keep working on your website, even if you have to use another host.

17) Come back when we re-open.

18] Place ads on the site, even though it’s on another host.

19) Think about how we can increase profits further.

20) Think about how we can convince more clients to place better ads.

21) Never stop believing.

3. Hannah (HQBC) - May 18, 2008

Hi, I just had the server make a backup but now the server won’t let me download my backup. It says permission denied on ftp and it either fails or doesn’t start with the file manager and backup utility. Is there anyway I can get the backup I made?

4. pvcsnathan - May 18, 2008

Hi Hannah. You’ll want to go to and select your backup from the “Backups Available for Download” section. If that doesn’t work, please let me know so I can further assist you.

5. Hannah (HQBC) - May 19, 2008

Hi pvcsnathan, When I click on the link for the backup the browser starts working for a minute or two and then goes to this page
and just stops with a blank page. Could you get my backup and then put it somewhere where I can download it? Or do you have another idea?

6. pvcsnathan - May 19, 2008

There is an alternative way. On that same page, choose “Home Directory” from under the Partial Backups category. This will allow you to download all your files. However, unlike the Full Backup, all your settings and everything else will not be preserved (don’t really need those anyway, especially if you’re moving to a new host).

If you have any databases, I recommend that you retrieve them manually through phpmyadmin here: (select the database, and choose the “Export” tab for each one you desire to back up…also be sure to put a check in “Save as file”).

I have tested both of these and each one works how it’s supposed to. I don’t have any way of testing the full backup in your cPanel since I don’t have a way to access the admin interface right now to retrieve your account details. I see no obvious reason for it to not be working, but I am hesitant to test it since my account doesn’t have enough space available to make a backup.

7. Hannah (HQBC) - May 19, 2008

Thank you! 🙂 That worked.
Would I be able to get improvement stage (I think thats what the second stage plan was called) hosting or hosting with more than 100MB (my site is currently taking up around 80MB and I need to add more pics) from isnumberone or another node by emailing them like was mentioned in previous posts?

8. pvcsnathan - May 19, 2008

Since you are staying, you should be transferred automatically whenever everything gets completed (somebody tell me if I’m wrong), or if you need it now you can send an email to Matt and he should do it (remember to mention your subdomain and username). I’m sort of guessing here since I haven’t talked to Matt about it, so please don’t kick me if I’m wrong.

9. Hannah (HQBC) - May 19, 2008

It would be best if I could get hosting by the 26th at the latest because I am using my website to post pictures of our puppies and we are going to advertise them on the 29th.

I guess I’ll email Matt and see if he can get my site up on one of the nodes.

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