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New Forum Hosting Service May 18, 2008

Posted by mikespears in general.


Post the URL’s of the themes u want added.

The hosted forums are running on phpBB3



1. pvcsnathan - May 19, 2008

ImW Forum Hosting seems to be an overused term on the site. Also, it should be IMW. 😉

2. Adminjames - May 19, 2008

I agree, it ain’t right if yr gonna b a node 4 IMW u should atleast mention IMW somewhere. And yr not just a forum host, cuz my site is hosted there, and my site is a download point 4 software that I make inspired by peoples given ideas. I admit, it has a forum and chat, but it not just about these, and it is NOT oriented around these.
Mention IMW
Change Description
That is what u should do!

And sorry I’ve been gone so long all, my modem died, and needed 2 b fixed, it is fixed now tho! Plz com bak 2 my site? @ http://profcsd.isnumberone.org/
Am back now! And everything on my site is now FIXED!
And all who hav gone on my chat, and who may, plz remember 2 LOGOFF, thanx!

3. Adminjames - May 19, 2008

My previous post was aimed at isnumberone.org, I jus realised it may hav nothing 2 do with pvcsnathans post. (Sorry!) *embarrased*

4. pvcsnathan - May 19, 2008

Your post does have a little bit to do with mine, but yours points out something else that I didn’t even look into. Mine just pointed out the capitalization errors and the overuse of a phrase, whereas yours points out that the nodes don’t seem to mention IsMyWebsite at all.

5. Adminjames - May 19, 2008

Oh that is so cool, we were both on the same lines *laughs out loud* but we were refering to different things about the same thing, that is so COOL! I welcome you PVCSNATHAN, to my sites chat, I may not be on all the time tho lol, you’ll hav to catch me hehe. @ http://profcsd.isnumberone.org/chat/

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