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Success May 21, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in uptime.
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As it stands, right now, a number of websites are now online. Including of course, our active blog participants at:

http://criminallives.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://goptorrent.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://hqbc.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://hosting4u.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://magnxpyr.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://maisam.ismywebsite.com/ (Under Construction)
http://masdir.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://rap-it-up.net/ (Under Construction)
http://rotb.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://smashgames.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://sociopaths.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)
http://yourlife.ismywebsite.com/ (Working)

Once their contents are uploaded I urge you to check them out.

Many other websites are online on the nodes and now, for the first time, you can access them by logging into the site. If yours doesn’t work, you can be sure I am working on creating it as I write this.

Please Report:

  • Features of your IsMyWebsite account that don’t work. (Everything should now be working except for the hosting and the forum registration.)
  • Errors experienced in cPanel by those mentioned websites above. (Other nodes are not guaranteed to be fully working at this time.)
  • If more features are needed by those websites mentioned above.

Do Not Report:

  • That your account and/or website has not been created yet. (I know that.)
  • That you can’t log in to cPanel. (Perhaps it’s because your account isn’t created?)
  • Minor errors which do not affect the functionality of the site or reduce security. (Would love to hear them when our status is back to ‘reliably hosting hundreds’.)

If those mentioned require any assistance in accessing their websites (as all functionality should be accessible by logging in) or they need any extra resources, they are free to report it any time by email. For everyone else, thanks for your patience. It should only be a couple more days.



1. Chris - May 21, 2008

Thank you Matt!

You really managed to get it through and believe me man, it really is appreciated.

Let’s hope we won’t encounter this kind of problem again and it’s always a joy being on ismywebsite!


PS: Thanks again!

2. Monotoko - May 21, 2008

Yay, thank you matt!

I havent really had the time to write in these with my GCSE’s on the go at the moment, but i have been keeping watch, im so glad were back, most other hosts would have given in by now, thats what makes ismywebsite.com the best host around 🙂

3. gawduranidiot - May 21, 2008

Thanks and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say it’s very appreciated.

4. Joshua - May 22, 2008

Is my site going to get put on the specail server ???

j.w Thanks 🙂

5. gopanvn321 - May 22, 2008

is the sql sever for ismyhost working
will you upload all my backup to new server os should i do that

matt thank you for putting my site in this new server i hope ismyhost provides reseller hosting will i get that

6. gopanvn321 - May 22, 2008

i need vps and a reseller account

7. Hannah (HQBC) - May 22, 2008

Thank you very much for setting up the hosting!

I see that none of my files are up yet and I would like to know if you were going to transfer backups or if I should start uploading my backups? Either way works I’d just like to know so I can get started if I need to restore backups.

8. Chris - May 22, 2008

I am not Matt but if I may answer your question Hannah, best would be if you take the time to do a backup copy of your files, just in case anything happens.

That’s what I did before Matt announced the relaunch.

Hope it helps, and if Matt has something to say, feel free: I just expressed my opinion.


9. ismywebsite - May 22, 2008

Moving things is not difficult:

1) Just go to with Internet Explorer and log in to grab the files. Open My Computer to a directory of your choice and drag the files you want from the FTP into that folder.

Alternatively, FireFox has the FireFTP extension available at http://fireftp.mozdev.org/. Click ‘Manage Accounts’ > Add New and use the host with your username and password. Then connect to it. You can use the left frame to navigate to a directory of your choice on your computer and the left arrow to move files there.

2) If you have databases, go to and navigate into the PHPmyAdmin. Open the database and click the ‘Export’ link. Copy the contents into a text file – ‘data.txt’ for example.

3) Access your new FTP by accessing ftp://ismyhost.com or using ismyhost.com as your host. (See instructions from step 1.) Upload the files saved in step 1 into the right directory.

4) Access your new cPanel at http://ismyhost.com:2082/ and use the ‘MySQL Databases’ tool to set up your databases again. Then use the ‘Import’ feature in PHPMyAdmin to upload your old database from the file you saved in step 2.

If you have any troubles, you can get assistance by emailing me. Pvcsnathan also has access to help you or transfer the site for you.

10. Hannah (HQBC) - May 22, 2008

I already have a backup so I will start restoring it now thank you. 🙂

11. gawduranidiot - May 22, 2008

Are parked domains available?

12. ismywebsite - May 22, 2008

If you need them.

13. gopanvn321 - May 22, 2008

i need addon domain

14. gopanvn321 - May 22, 2008

and pls change the name server for my domain gopstorrent.com

15. gawduranidiot - May 22, 2008

I am going to need a parked domain. Thanks.

16. Whitts - May 23, 2008

Thanks so much for all of this!

17. Joshua - May 24, 2008

Can you allow addon domains on mine also please,

Thanks 🙂 also a question… will the cpannel be feturing fantastico any time soon ???

Thank you my account being – hosting4


18. pvcsnathan - May 24, 2008

gopanvn321, your site has been uploaded and unpacked. It’s now ready.

19. gopanvn321 - May 25, 2008

and pls change the name server for my domain gopstorrent.com
and pls give me addon domain

pls do this fast

matt or pvcsnathan

20. Gatz - May 25, 2008

thanks Matt for everything
it was a problem with my uploaded files, but that problem was from my uploader(gftp). I’m sorry for any inconvenience I’ve caused

21. ismywebsite - May 26, 2008

Sorry everyone – I found out the package disappeared. (I’m fairly sure I created it, and even before that I think Mike created it as well. Anyways, I’ve rebuilt it and everything should be fine now. Plenty of Addon Domain…)

22. gopanvn321 - May 27, 2008

matt i am getting an error messa ge when adding a adondomain

eroor is this

Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver.

matt pls change the name server for gopstorrent.com

pls pls pls matt do tht fast

23. Anonymous - May 27, 2008

hi matt i need fsockopen() ,fputs() and feof() function enabled in php pls do that for me

24. gopanvn321 - May 27, 2008

hi matt i need fsockopen() ,fputs() and feof() function enabled in php pls do that for me

25. gopanvn321 - May 27, 2008

and this is the script
$fp = fsockopen($authURL, 443);

pls open port 443 for me

26. Joshua - May 27, 2008

Hi matt,

ive found that ive asked for a few add on domains but my package has changed completely…

i had things that i dont have now,

all that i wanted to change was have a few more ( like 5-6) addon domains just incase 🙂

Please could you sort this out as i find im having to change the ip every few days because im being switched nodes and was placed on the vip one wasnt i ???

Please reply asap 🙂 many thanks and sorry for complaining

27. deleirola - May 22, 2009

eh.. luv it )

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