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$190 Donation (Not Kidding) June 7, 2008

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I didn’t actually believe this would go through. (In fact, I was recently promised another $100 donation that has yet to be paid.) But here it is, actually sitting in my PayPal balance. $190.

It started yesterday with a tiny comment on the blog:

Hmm… Tell me, what is the average cost of your nodes?

Depending on the price, I may be willing to donate enough for 1 year on 1 node, in exchange for waiving of ad requirements for my 1 site, provided that the money goes to a new node to help grow. Contact me on my email to discuss, please.

Bryan Bartlett, username Valareos, issued the following statement about why he donated:

The true value of any company, of any service, is not how they react when everything is running at 100% efficiency, but when a problem arises that shakes the very foundation of that company or service. What IsMyWebsite has went through these last few months could have been the end of the community entirely.

I joined IsMyWebsite just a few days before the great crash. In fact, I was in the queue to have my website accepted. My entire purpose was finding a free hosting service that supported SQL databases so I could develop my scripts in a test environment before going live on my paid hosting account. I was also going to use this service as a backup for all my files.

When the site suddenly stopped responding for days, I assumed that they just folded up, and vanished off the face of the earth. I continued to look for a different service, every so often checking back to see if perhaps the site would come back. Finally, the blog appeared, explaining everything. I waited, I watched, and I was amazed how quickly IsMyWebsite addressed the problem, fixed the problem, AND worked to ensure the problem didn’t repeat itself.

As I was waiting for IsMyWebsite to finish their nodes, and give me domain space, my original host deleted my entire website. Why? Clerical error caused them to show me a year behind on payments. There was nothing I could do. They offered to give me a year free service, but all my files were permanently gone, and there was no backups to go to.

So what did that show me? That IsMyWebsite, a relatively small, free hosting service that is supported by unobtrusive ads placed where the designer wants them handled a crisis with more professionalism, and more care for customer satisfaction than a large “professional” company.

It is for this reason, and many others, that I have donated $190 CDN, to pay for a full year hosting and domain for a new node, to help this community grow.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

This is the first donation to ring through in months, and I really hopes it stirs up more. Donate like Valareos here.


1. Gatz - June 8, 2008

verry nice

2. l2 - June 8, 2008

Just wondering a thing… how much does it cost mantaining all those nodes per month?

3. ismywebsite - June 8, 2008

Depends on how many we have, and which companies we sign up with. About $120/mo right now.

4. l2 - June 9, 2008

Just wanted to propose an hosting solution I was considering for a project of mine: Mosso (http://www.mosso.com/), that is based on cloud computing. The basic account is 100$/mo. (50Gb storage, 500Gb bandwith, 3 million requests per mo.). “Not so good, I have the same characteristics for less”, I hear you saying… yep, you’re right, but this is guaranteed bandwith and storage, not oversold. More, the interesting thing is that it is infinitively scalable ($0.50/Gb of additional storage, $0.25/Gb pf additional bandwith, $0.03/1000 additional requests).

Just a hint, I’m not an evangelist and I’m not affiliated with them, but I found them for another reason and I tought to you.

5. J,R,D, Ltd - June 9, 2008

Thats wonderful! If I had a job and some extra money I would probably donate too but alas I do not.

6. Chris - June 10, 2008

I agree with L,R,D Ltd… no extra money and no job atm…


7. Peter B. - June 11, 2008

Oh, it’s $190 Canadian. That explains it.

8. crissic - June 11, 2008

Thats about 186.257 USD

9. Valareos - June 13, 2008

actually, crissix, that was 191 US (and some change) at the time it was donated

damn weakenning dollar 😛

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