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Got Us A Deal! June 11, 2008

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I just finished talking with Skylar from Crissic Solutions, the company behind our 8th node. There were two phases to this deal. The first:

  1. They are willing to donate $2/mo off our bill to get their name up on the IsMyWall.
  2. They want us to help design banners for their site through a competition. They are willing to provide free Standard Resellers to the winners for a year. They are also willing to upgrade us to the Standard Master Reseller in exchange for our efforts here.

So, anyone with graphical skills can start thinking of what they will be designing. We are going to need banners in 88×31 and 125×125 dimensions. What does everyone think of this? More information as it comes…


1. Gatz - June 12, 2008

and when this competition is over?… is a time limit or something?

2. Ryuu - June 12, 2008

cool, i got some ideas for banners already! any more info, like a closing date, where to post them to (the forum i assume)

3. J,R,D, Ltd - June 12, 2008

Do they want the banner to follow a theme?
How many entries can we submit?
Can you post a link to their site?

4. Gatz - June 12, 2008
5. crissic - June 13, 2008

We didn’t have time to discuss this enough, but I was thinking End date would be July 1st or so (not official). Theme is up to you as these will be placed on other websites for the use of advertisement.

What I would like to see on the banners:
Use a rotator (photoshop can do this)
Have it say the Name(Crissic Solutions, LLC) – The 877 number, say like “Shared as Low as $3.99/mo” “VPS As Low as $$” “Dedicated as low as “$$” – Just do your research, and have a good touch to it. Make it look good.

A common example of what we would love to see:

Entries: As many as you want, but please note that you will still only be able to win 1 reseller account.
I will discuss this with Matt a bit more to get this all set in stone

6. crissic - June 13, 2008

Sorry, those items are not “required” but are just examples of some of the items we would love to see on the banners.

7. ismywebsite - June 14, 2008

I have set up an email address where banners can be sent. crissic dot banners at gmail dot com. Please send all banners there as an attachment with your username.

8. J,R,D, Ltd - June 14, 2008

If multiple banners are sent in do you want them to be separate attachments or do you want them to be zipped?

9. Crissic - June 17, 2008

A zip would do just fine.

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