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We Exist Again! June 24, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in marketting, volunteer.
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Finally, I have received word that we are officially back on the listing of free web hosting sites at Free-WebHosts!

If you feel inclined, you can drop by and rate us 10/10 here:

I am also looking at other resources where we can establish ourselves. As always, there are tons of potential clients looking for free hosting at FreeWebSpace. Maybe someone can help us answer all the topics there.

Be sure to help spread the word in as many ways as possible at this time. We have 3 nodes which are almost completely empty so there is lots of room to fit your friends.



1. potrokunjo@gmail.com - June 28, 2008

Chaos Inc.

2. Craig92reid - July 1, 2008


This makes more sense now, I only had to accept 5-10 websites aday before we were back on that and now that we are on that I have to accept atleast 60 – 150 websites. Im not moaning or anything its just good to know why there was a huge increae in people requesting sites.

I actually enjoy accepting sites and helping people, it gives you that feeling that you know youve done some good,lol.
You know it might be good if advisers could upgrade there clients from planning to improving because ive had a number of people ask me if I would do that. Just an idea.

I love the tweeks you made to the site it makes the site easier to use/manage. The volenteer (spelt wrong) panel could do with a slight update. Its a wee bitty slow but usable.

Well hopoe goes well,


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