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Now That I’m Back December 14, 2008

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

I thought I’d open up the blog again, mainly because I see people are still visiting, and also because a lot of people are asking questions. So I’m going to answer as many of them as I can here:

Where Did I Go And Why?
It’s not a tough question. The tough part is finding out exactly which reasons you guys will want to hear. I could ramble on and on about how it was becoming frustrating and there was way too much to keep track of. Parents would probably know this feeling. True, a client is a lot easier to take care of than a child, but I never knew a parent with over 12,000 children.

It’s a 24-hour a day job, and it can be very rewarding in terms of the people you meet from all over the world, the new things you learn, and the amazing influence. However, at the time I left, there were just too many people. Potential clients who never created websites and I never messaged them. Potential clients with rejected websites who never followed up. Hundreds of people who never placed ads on their sites. And of course, rule breakers galore.

I also had to pay for my university, which literally forced me to work 2 full time jobs. There are 84 hours in a week of 12 hour days, and I was working non-stop for 80 of them.  So 4 hours is really not enough time to eat a weeks worth of food and properly take care of myself, let alone running a huge website I couldn’t manage without these new commitments.

What Happened To Your Data?
When I left, I put Nathan in charge of the site, since he is about the only one I feel I can truly trust. Unfortunately, running this site relies a lot on hunches. One must see tension between himself and those helping him, and make tough decisions on the fly to remove power or have strategic discussions. One must notice when the service of a professional-grade datacenter servicing thousands of clients begins to fall, and take steps to secure a new, better system. And when one cannot rely on hunches alone, one must ensure the data itself is backed up properly to minimize the risk.

Nathan worked hard, trying a lot of reforms. There was an improvement in response speed, with a sacrifice to the quality of service and support. There was a decrease in expenses and complications with a decrease in hosting capacity and security. He eliminated most of the rule breakers while at the same time majorly decreasing the client count and satisfaction.

In the end, the company managing the server on our datacenter, LimeStone Networks, never mounted the right hard drive after an update. No backups were taken of any client data.

What Happens Now?
The site is being redone to use a better system. The old system had some fundamental problems, which are hopefully all being addressed. The new system is also faster loading and easier to use.

If you had an account before, you will need to recreate it. No account data was copied to the new system, as it’s likely 90% of the old accounts are now unused.



1. Anonymous - March 11, 2009

i love ismywebsite too

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