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1. Sam Aurelius Milam III - February 26, 2009

This isn’t the first time that you’ve been through a crunch in your service. You’ve come through them in good condition before and I expect that you’ll come through this one in good condition. When it’s done, I’ll upload my websites again and all will be well. You provide a very good service.

2. Cyclone103 - February 26, 2009

Thank you for explaining!

3. ismywebsite - February 26, 2009

Hi Sam,

It shouldn’t be necessary to upload your files again unless you made very recent changes as we have complete back-ups. Everything should be rolling smoothly again in the very near future.

4. Cyclone103 - February 26, 2009

So no data is lost? Good! I really like the efficiency of this system.

5. Canadajphones - February 26, 2009

Thank you very much, hope everything resume normal soon.

6. Dave - February 27, 2009


just could anyone of the ismywebsite team clarify the date till which all the data is backed up. Cause I made changes in February and also those changes were a bit of tough for me to do and was a bit of time consuming , so if you have those backups then it will be awesome. BTW how long will it take to recover approx. Anyway, you guys have had these kinds of troubles earlier but you have overcome all in flying colours so I hope you’ll also this time. Wishing a fas recovery.

ismywebsite - February 28, 2009

I believe backups are taken weekly, and I would need a more specific date to help you better, but you’ll find out soon enough anyways. I should have things back online by later today.

7. Dave - March 1, 2009

This is the situation till now, I’ve found all my files online but cannot access cpanel as it’s not accepting my login info. Also the domains are not getting forwarded till now. But none of the changes in the month of February seems to be retained as I keep on seeing the old homepage of my site and am not getting the new one. From the online interface as much as I can see database account info is ok as all my forums and gallery are running ok. Also from the latest comment in my gallery it seems that the last date till which my backups are retained is 18/01/09. I mean there can be saves after that but there is no definite date mentioned in my acc other than that one. Anyway I hope that the Cpanel login issue will be solved later and then we can access the Cpanel to actually gain a info on total non revertable losses. Anyway thaanks for retaining so much . This is also a proof that you guys have really a gr8 and prompt service.

8. Dave - March 1, 2009

P.S. – The sites built by RVSite Builder also are at a mess. The menus don’t work and all the design given to the site has jumbled up. I hope you guys can fix that too.

9. Sam Aurelius Milam III - March 1, 2009

As of Saturday evening (February 28, 2009) the email for my Lost Books of the Bible website was working again. It’s still working this morning, Sunday. The email for my Bouvier’s Law Dictionary website is still out-of-service. Neither website is presently available via browser. I haven’t tried FTP Access. Anyway, that working email address is a good sign. It looks like things are getting fixed.

10. ismywebsite - March 1, 2009

Hi Dave,
I just found more information on the backups. Felweb only had a monthly backup available, so I’m sorry about the data loss. It’s important to keep backups of all files. We do not guarantee the backing up of your data, although we do our best.

Regarding the cPanel access, I will see when I get control over the accounts again if I can reset your password. They have restored the accounts, but not transfered them so I can access them yet. I will do my best to resolve any website problems that remain at that point.

Hi Sam,
There is a propagation period at present, so it may take up to 2 days from everything to be fully working with your account.

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