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cPanel Logins Not Working March 2, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Okay, so apparently the logins for your cPanel on Node 2 actually aren’t working, but your site should be online at this time. I am in the process of sorting this out with Felweb, and will keep you posted as things progress. As I mentioned, they are also still in the process of transferring the accounts to where I can access them, so I cannot reset your password to make this work.

Also, I have further information on backups. They were supposed to be daily, but due to an unprofessional company, your data is approximately 3 weeks old. Here is an official statement from Felweb:

In ad[d]ition to this issues, we found WebByCart company to be not tru[st]worthy in the matter of daily rsync backups. The company rsync program didn[‘]t [a]llow us to restore the accounts and they [provided corrupt] backups[,] leading us to [have] no data in the migration process. [This has made] the problem worse than it already was because of the fact that we will be loosing some important data on several accounts on [the] server. Fortunately, we had a contingency second level with remote backups in a local private server in which we have correct backups but for some accounts, not up to date unfortunately.

Please remember that data backup has never been guaranteed under your account. All the tools are provided to easily backup data on your own, and you are strongly encouraged to do so.

Also, DNS will not work in the following cases, but should otherwise be fully working:

  • In the case of your own subdomains that were created before the backup was taken, which are not saved on the server. Once cPanel access is regained, you should be able to create these again.
  • In the case where a subdomain had conflicting entries in our database. This should be indicated by it appearing multiple times in your account. We are working to sort these cases out.

Thanks for your patience during this time.



1. Cyclone103 - March 2, 2009

That would explain it lol!

What is the exact date that the backups are from? My last one is from the 21st.

2. ismywebsite - March 2, 2009

It appears to be January 18th.

3. Cyclone103 - March 2, 2009

In that case, would it be possible for you to manually restore my account from my personal backup if I cannot figure out how? cPanel says you cannot restore it from the cPanel interface, but I bet that if I used the file manager to un-tar the backup, I could then re-download the individual files.

This has taught me to take backups more often…

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