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“We are under maintenance” March 3, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Yes, I am aware Node 2 websites are not displaying at this time. This is from Felweb:

We are under maintenance right now as we are upgrading Apache and WHM. Thank you for your understanding.

And then this morning:

I regret to inform that we were updating cPanel to the last version this early morning when httpd.conf become corrupted because of this, making some sites to appear in WHM with MISSING IP and cant update it to the proper vhost.

We have already sent a ticket to cPanel tech department and we are waiting for them to fix this faster than we can do it by fixing it manually account per account. However, we can manually restore some accounts for you but we would like you to please only ask us to restore the most urgents accounts thats need to be up. We appreciate your understanding,

So I guess if anyone needs to be online urgently, let me know. In the meantime, here is how you can access your website to continue working on it during this time:


Or, if you are using a domain name:


Or, if that wont work:

I have sent Felweb some tools to help them resolve this, so we should be back online shortly. cPanel should be fully working for your accounts now as I fixed the corrupt passwords. If not, you should email me about that as your account is probably not in the backup and needs to be recreated.

If anyone wants to switch servers, I’m open to this too.



1. Dave - March 3, 2009

My Cpanel Uname is not working: debarko
URL debarko.ismywebsite.com/~debarko
Please reset it.

I already sent u a mail but just commented under this post as a secondary report incase u don’t missed the mail.

2. ismywebsite - March 3, 2009

Odd. I can access your cPanel fine. Please try again.

3. Cyclone103 - March 3, 2009

Please restore my account as soon as possible to a working status, my site is http://www.sagamountain.com. My forums are not able to connect to MySQL for some reason under my username and pass.


4. ismywebsite - March 3, 2009

Your account is working now.

5. Canadajphones - March 5, 2009

Please help my website
is still not working

Many thanks

6. Canadajphones - March 5, 2009

Mine is still not working
please help

7. Gatz - March 8, 2009

Matt please reset my cpanel password if you can. I’ve send you and e-mail but still no answer


MagnXPyr Network Admin

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