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Problem Summary March 4, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Problems with node 2 are still ongoing. Here’s a summary of what’s happened:

1) On February 26th, the giant LimeStone Networks, dropped all servers used by the company Felweb without any prior notice or warning. No backups were provided.

2) Within 4 hours, Felweb had found and set up new servers with a different company. However, it was soon discovered that the unreliable company WebByCart, had not been providing their promised daily backup service.

3) Data was restored from a backup taken by Felweb on January 18th. Shortly thereafter, the sites were back online and fully functional, however they were still sorting out ownership of accounts, so I had no control over them.

4) Due to password corruption, cPanel access stopped working. I informed users that I would fix this as soon as possible.

5) Access was granted, and passwords were fixed. Then, within 3 hours, due to an error within cPanel, websites stopped displaying properly. A work around was found to visit http://domain/~cpaneluser, which did work.

6) A cPanel technician was informed of this problem, and fixed the websites to work correctly.

7) Within the same day, the websites stopped displaying again. A cPanel level 3 technician is being sent to look at the problem in the near future.

Here’s a FAQ:

Why Exactly Does My Website Not Display?
This has to do with corruption in the vhost file, which is used by cPanel/Apache to determine what addresses link to what HTML files. We will be working to fix this as soon as possible.

When Will Problems Be Fixed By?
If the cPanel technician is successful, things should be fixed by tomorrow. Otherwise, we may have to reset the server and recreate all the accounts.

Can I Still Work On MyWebsite?
Yes. Use the workaround address to access your site. Take your domain name, and append ~cpaneluser onto the end, where cpaneluser is the name you use to connect to cPanel. And remember to back up your files periodically.

What Can I Do To Fix Things?
There are a number of possibilities for you at this point.

1) Wait it out. Felweb has historically provided a highly reliable service previously, with very little downtime. There is a good chance that once this is resolved, things will return to normal. Felweb has been guaranteed their new company cannot terminate anything without 48 hours of notice, and so far demonstrated the best possible handling of these circumstances.

2) Backup your files. If you didn’t back up your files already, it’s recommended to do so now. If we have to recreate accounts, or you need to move servers, this will enable you to get online again quickly. cPanel has a built in backup tool. You should always have a recent backup of your website, as we do not guarantee any backups.

3) Switch servers. Felweb is one of 6 servers which are available for our clients to use. If you would like to switch servers, please indicate so by sending me an email.



1. Dave - March 4, 2009


Problem Problem ! Always knocking on the door.
My login problem persists. I cannot access my cpanel with my login info. Please reset my account with any default password. My uname is debarko and my website link is debarko.ismywebsite.com. Please check this so that I can backup my data before the shift which you were talking about in the other post.

2. willdao3 - March 8, 2009


Don’t wanna seriously dsitract you, just wanna wish you well in your travails. I’ll be looking to sign up (again) when you break on through to the other side…

Don’t let the bastards get you down, tomorrow is a new day, eat more fruit…&etc.


P.S. Oh. More drollness: Candidate for “The LimeStone Motto”: “You’re not just a number, you’re a Numeral!”

3. ismywebsite - March 19, 2009

This is just one node that’s affected.

The other 80% of our public server resources are functioning without problem at the moment.

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