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All Systems Go! May 2, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Node 2 Back Online
Alright, so I’ve talked to Felweb now and we are working to sort out the issues.

We would like you to know you have a lot of users that are correctly using the service, but have a lot who do not update their scripts and are [full] of [security] issues. We are right now unsuspending your accounts, [and] we would like you to please do all the clean [up] and let us know when you are done. We will then inspect the reamining accounts and delete any suspicious file.

I have also received details of the exact issues we need to resolve. The most important thing right now is for all users of Node 2 to:

  • Ensure all of their scripts are up to date, with the latest versions. This attack resulted from vulnerabilities within your scripts.
  • If you have content on your website, ensure it is accessible from the main domain. Set up an entrance page, or a redirect. Either will work. We will be deleting empty accounts in the near future.

(These are both good ideas for users of other nodes as well.)

Node 6 Back Online
Will still be a short while before the DNS is fully updated on all websites, but it is currently in progress.



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