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False Alarm May 31, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.
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I have excellent news. Node 3, managed by OSHS, which has now only had one instance of downtime, will continue as normal for the time being. After prolonged discussion with the company for the last half of this month, we received the following reply:

Thanks for your long messages.

We confused your account with another account so our apologies for that.

For the time being you can remain [here]. Should any problems arise we will keep you informed.

Thank you for your business. It is much appreciated.

So, in short, the final result is an even faster and more reliable service, now that the server has been cleaned of a full third of all accounts there, and we have planned a further clean out of another third of the accounts, all of which are either from the system we used prior to November last year, or appear to be under construction.

Node 4 is still being dropped, and interesting enough, the company has now decided to triple the costs as well. So it’s a good thing I’m leaving when I am. We have backups taken already, and the new server is just about ready with your new cPanel accounts. We encourage you to still take regular backups if the contents of your site are dynamic, and/or to warn users that content over the next few days may be lost. The old cPanel will not be destroyed, but will eventually go offline on the old host after our term expires.


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