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Node 3 Crackdown July 6, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.
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Node 3 is out of storage at present, and after 15 days of waiting I finally received a response from OpenSource Hosting Solutions, the company managing the node ,that they would only be increasing the storage for more than twice our current price, effectively lifting the price we pay to higher than any other node by 33%. This is an unacceptable rate. 

The waiting list of accounts who need extra storage is increasing daily. All the empty accounts are gone, and all known violators are gone, except for those who haven’t placed ads already. There is really no choice at this point but to remove those accounts to clear the space for others. 

Essentially, at this point, I’m giving everyone one week to make sure ads are placed or at least respond to the PM I’ve sent them with a plan. Then I start deleting the accounts at random, because this just isn’t fair to everyone else who is following the rules. 

If you’ve placed ads, you have nothing to worry about. Everyone else, you have been warned…



1. Kristoffer - July 7, 2009

Good to see you’re still working on keeping the place for this host as the best in the world, thankyou.

2. Kristoffer - July 7, 2009

PS: If you need any help, just ask, and I’ll be there.

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