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Just Some Tidbits August 11, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.
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I’ll bring your attention to some minor updates all around:

Node 1 – SmokyHosts
We’ve been upraded to have more storage and bandwidth for our original deal we signed with them back when all of IsMyWebsite was hosted on their server. The upgrade happened at the beginning of this month.

Node 2 – Felweb
PHPpgAdmin has been fixed to work on this server. Thanks to

Node 3  – OSHS
OSHS has grown considerably as a company, and is now required to pay VAT. They are shifting this cost to their customers, so our costs are increasing 15%.

Old Node 4 – GalaxyHost
Andrew is back home, so anyone who needs their old backups can get them. Let me or him know who you are.

Node 5 – Addora
The storage error was fixed. It appears backups were being created in the wrong place. We have ensured this company has monitoring in place to prevent any future problems.

Node 6 – Nixism
Nixism is still progressing on fixing Ruby On Rails to work on their server.

Node 7 – HighLayer
We recently majorly improved our deal with them, as mentioned in the last post.



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