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Uptime September 6th September 6, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

I’ll be getting some download speed tests underway here soon, but for now just another uptime update.

Node 7 – HighLayer
Uptime last 14 days – 100.00% (No Change)

No current issues. Not open to new accounts.

Node 3 – OSHS
Uptime last 14 days – 99.84% (Down 0.16%)

Storage will not be upgraded. Available to donors only.

Node 5 – Addora
Uptime last 14 days – 99.69% (No Change)

cPanel license error resolved.

Node 2 – Felweb
Uptime last 13 days – 99.66% (Up 0.39%)

Uptime tracking now back online.

Node 6 – Nixism
Uptime last 14 days – 98.41% (Up 0.15%)

No current issues.

Node 1 – SmokyHosts
Uptime last 14 days – 98.16% (Down 0.15%)

No current issues.

Please let us know if you need any assistance choosing the best server for your hosting.



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