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Thanks Everyone! October 27, 2009

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

I’ve just spent the whole morning practically answering the endless bombardment of emails. I haven’t even been able to catch up on the latest website requests to come in… This is basically every day, but none of you can really see what I do because I only help each of you for 5 minutes or so.

I’m sorry my donation requesting email wasn’t perfect and sounded like some kind of sales pitch or begging. Thanks to those who asked to have their accounts deleted and all communication with me removed for good, and double thanks to those who came back with comments such as the one I got here:

make money for us instead of relying on donations.

Make money for you? Is that like the thousands of dollars of my own personal income that I’ve poured into this hosting over the past 3 years, and am probably never going to get back, or is it more like getting meaner with the ads policy and dealing with comments like these:

“i hate adwertising. !!!HATE!!! !H!A!T!E!”

“Well, the ads is in any case a limitation”

Anyways guys, I’m sorry I tried. Really. If you can’t afford to help out with financing, that’s fine. If you can’t possibly place ads on your site, whatever. If you can’t find the time to stay active on the forums, I understand.

But surely you have to be able to help with something…

Otherwise this just isn’t going to work…



1. Igor Cemim - October 29, 2009

Don’t stay sad. 😦

These emails come from thankless persons.
IsMyWebsite is the best free host on all the world! 😀
Thank you by keep this great free hosting service.

Sorry any english grammar errors.

lakridserne - October 30, 2009

I agree…
Thanks for great hosting.

2. e13k - November 1, 2009

Me too…
Great hosting, great support. I’ve used many many free host with and without ads. I know.

3. Gatz - November 7, 2009

ha ha ha… people these days want the best services for free and don’t want to give anything in exchange.
Of course I want that too, but I don’t bother to place a small ads on my website. After all I can’t afford to pay or donate so I must to help how I can… after all is the best free hosting on the internet

4. mr glasses - November 10, 2009

No! these kinds of e-mails make me want to cry out in frustration! How can they rail at Matt in thanklessness? I know I sound really judgemental…but I suppose I’m gonna be judgemental for a moment. Matt has done an excellent job with support and has poured both his life and his money into this hosting. Don’t destroy what he has worked so hard to do! Is My Website is an excellent service. Matt is wonderful and giving support. Don’t mock that!

That’s my $0.02. (I’d give that money to Matt if I had a way to)

5. Gianpaolo - November 29, 2009

Mmm… Don’t give up! You will find a way, running a free hosting is something done for passion. Go On!! You can… something says me you can 🙂

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