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Expanding Our Team – Exciting New Openings November 18, 2009

Posted by lakridserne in volunteer.

We’re working on collecting new team members. We can see that there are many members who want to help, so that’s great. We need 3 council members in every department. The 3 members will have one weekly meeting at the time that’s best for the council members.

Here are our departments. We’ve marked the departments that are open for members to join with green and the rest with red.

  • Administration – Consists of Matt (Azoundria), Brendan (Cobrastrike), and Kris (Lakridserne). Our goal is to ensure the success and coordination of all departments.
  • Welcoming – Ensure all websites are reviewed and the registration process is as smooth as possible.
  • Support – Ensure all client issues through PM or email are resolved.
  • Marketing – Increase the knowledge about our hosting and attract new clients.
  • Development – Build new features and pages for the website.
  • Abuse – Find and deal with abuse. Review accounts and attempt to resolve issues as they come up.
  • Success – Create new client tutorials, layouts, and other tools to help our clients succeed.
  • Sustainability – Make sure our hosting is financially stable, and look into long-term solutions to ensure we are here for years to come.

We need at least 24 volunteers, so we don’t hire everyone at once. Therefore we’ve made a plan to hire volunteers.

12th – Applications open for Development and Support.
16th – Announce openings to previous volunteers.
17th – Announce openings to full community.
20th – Applications are closed for Support and Development.
21st – Support and Development councils are announced and begin to take office.
22nd – Applications open for Welcoming and Abuse.
24th – Announce openings to previous volunteers.
25th – Applications open for Success department.
26th – Announce openings to full community.
29th – Applications are closed for Welcoming and Abuse.
30th – Welcoming and Abuse councils are announced and begin to take office.

2nd – Announce success openings to previous volunteers.
5th – Applications closed for Success.
9th – Success council is announced and begins to take office.

The schedule above is subject to change and expansion (but mostly expansion). There’ll be more openings if someone leave a department.

Follow the instructions below if you want to be a part of the IsMyWebsite Support- or Development-team:

  1. If you don’t have filled out the volunteer application, do it now (it’s very long, but it’s the point – if you fill it out, you show us that you want the job a little more) here
  2. Reply to this topic, where you fill out the following:[b]Name:[/b] Your name.
    [b]Username:[/b] Your username on the site.
    [b]Department:[/b] Which department(s) are you applying for? If more than one, specify your top choice first.
    [b]Conflicts:[/b] What would interfere with your contributing to IsMyWebsite? For example, school, work, etc...
    [b]Changes:[/b] Any changes since you submitted your volunteer application. Put none if everything is the same.

Good luck!



1. aculuncab - November 27, 2009

Authentic words, some authentic words dude. Made my day.

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