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Are We Meeting Your Needs? January 18, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Obviously, there was a point when we were. I can still remember 4 years ago, when the world actually trusted the free hosting industry, when the largest paid hosts actually had limits, when nearly every free service blasted obtrusive advertising in your visitors faces, and when PHP, cPanel, and MySQL in a free host was a dream come true for absolutely anyone.

Times have changed, of course. There’s absolutely no surprise there. Free hosting of today is an industry plagued in mistrust, a place full of liars and deceit, but all in all, the average person can get a whole heck of a lot more for free if they only know where to look. Everyday I hear and see more and more downright awful things, and when those come from the apparent industry leaders, the largest free hosting providers, it’s no wonder free hosting is a shrinking industry.

But what can I do? The iceberg seems to be melting below my feet. The client base is shrinking rapidly and there’s almost nothing I can say about it. And I wonder sometimes if it’s something I’ve done, some way I’ve changed. I wonder if somehow in breaking even each month instead of sustaining a loss as before, I somehow lose support, that people somehow see a massive difference in things.

So I ask everyone, what is it that should be done to bring us back up where we need to be, effectively competing against the hosting industry as a whole instead of shafted into a corner of having whoever can’t sign up with anyone else. I mean, we have among the highest ratings anywhere by our clients. We have some of the best servers with all the way to 99.99% uptime. We have pretty much every feature anyone has asked for (except JSP, ASP, and SSH). And so what is it that’s causing people to consider us subpar to anyone else?

Thanks for staying with our blog. 🙂



1. Rajesh - January 21, 2010

Thanks, really informative article

2. Blog Hosting - January 22, 2010

I think that the pouch is on the smaller side, so if you are larger and need lots of support, this is not the jock for you. Blog Hosting

3. marc - January 23, 2010

People consider you subpar? Absurd! This is THE GREATEST HOST EVER. Period. Who can argue with that?

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