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Fun With Ruby On Rails January 25, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

It has recently come to question whether or not our servers actually support Ruby on Rails.

First off, Ruby on Rails is a feature that is presently enabled on request, so not available by default.

So, once you’ve asked us to have Ruby on Rails enabled on your account, you should be 100% set up and ready to go.

Being as I have never programmed with Ruby on Rails, I had previously trusted the claims of three separate providers, that it’s fully working on those servers. In our communication since, we have not been informed otherwise.

As far as I know, it’s also the case that no client appearing completely knowledgeable in launching Ruby on Rails through cPanel (without SSH access) has brought forward any story of successfully running Ruby on Rails on another server, in a way that doesn’t work on ours.

I did, however, have some tests done, and these were the results:

Node 1: Can’t start
Node 2: Can’t start
Node 3: Not installed
Node 4: Not installed
Node 5: Needs to install Ruby on Rails, but have RubyGems
Node 6: Port 12003 needs to be opened
Node 7: Can’t start

I knew Nodes 3-6 either didn’t have full Ruby support or it wasn’t working already, so I was only concerned with Nodes 1, 2, and 7. I asked for a more detailed description of the error, and got this:

“Under Software / Services, you click on Ruby on Rails. You should now create a new application. As appname, I choosed wishlist, Load on boot selected. I just took the suggestion it comes with as path. And the environment is production. It’s the same on all servers. Then you click Run. It tells you it was started, but it’s not when you go back.”

So I did some testing of my own. Here are the exact steps I did, as tested on Node 2, then Node 7, then Node 1:

1) Opened Ruby on Rails from cPanel.

2) Filled in the details as follows:

App Name: test
Load on Boot? X
Application Path: public_html/test
Enviro[n]ment: production

3) Confirmed the following text before returning to the main Ruby page:

Added Ruby on Rails Application

Your app is installed, its name is test

4) Under ‘APP STATUS’, it says ‘Not Running’, so I use the command ‘Run’. (The giant green ‘Play’ icon.)

5) I confirm the following text, which appears to indicate absolutely no problems running the application:

Start Ruby Application

The following Ruby on Rails application was started: test

6) Again, I return to the main Ruby on Rails page, and under ‘APP STATUS’, it says ‘Not Running’, so I use the command ‘Run’.

7) Output is as above, exactly the same, as I repeat these steps multiple times.

8 ) In addition, under ‘RAILS SERVER’, there is a link to a URL which times out when I try to load it, located at http://rubyonrails2.ismywebsite.com:12004/

So that’s the test which was performed. It appears to match the (vague) documentation from cPanel’s website:


Unless we both did something wrong, it would appear that Ruby on Rails is in fact, not working, on any of the three servers, with any of the three separate providers. In other words, it would appear someone is missing something, whether it’s cPanel which has launched a feature missing more than the ‘n’ in ‘Environment’, all three of our providers making some sort of false claim, or just our own inexperience in how to run a Ruby on Rails application.

So, how have our providers handled this issue? (All were sent the same message.)

Node 1 (SmokyHosts) – As of today, no reply to our support ticket.

Node 2 (Felweb) – Seems to have some difficulty grasping this concept: No account works. All accounts display the same error. I suspect perhaps, they are as lost as we are, and may need cPanel to help them.

Node 7 (HighLayer) – Response received in 45 minutes:

Ruby on Rails Applications are based on the Rails framework. Rails applications must be run like any other application. After creating an application, you will need to populate it with your code. Then, you can choose to start or stop the application and even to load the application every time the server reboots.

So maybe cPanel, instead of displaying any sort of error, is just starting the application and it stops on it’s own because there’s no code (which is something like I originally thought). And nobody who’s tested anything so far knows how to code properly, or there is some kind of unreported error.

I’m completely lost as to exactly how to code it. Apparently, it’s not as simple as opening a text editor, typing the Ruby code, and visiting a URL. All tutorials I’ve located need SSH, to set up ‘controllers’, which isn’t going to be much use. I’m sure there has to be a way to code without it. Perhaps someone is able to successfully set up a Ruby on Rails application, and run it through our service, and can share that experience with the rest of us?

Any help guys?



1. Derek Neighbors - January 25, 2010

There are tons of sample rails applications on http://github.com.. grab the source and test one out.

2. Web Hosting Tips » Blog Archive » IsMyWebsite Free Web Hosting - March 10, 2010

[…] *This feature is only installed on some servers. Send us a message with your hosting application to make sure you end up on the right one. Regarding Ruby on Rails, please read this blog post. […]

3. Seb - May 7, 2010

you don’t need ssh to create a controller or a model, you can just create one with every standard editor and save it as mycontroller.rb

class mycontroller < ApplicationController

def foo
puts "foo"

the go to http://myurl.com:port/foo

thats it

4. Vlad777 - June 22, 2010

Site about everything and for all!

5. mr mike deanswell - June 30, 2010

i want to creat a cpanel but i dont know how to creat it so please if this site is true please get back to me???

6. ismywebsite - June 30, 2010

First you need an account. If you don’t have one, then you can get one when our registration is open again. You will need to get an invite from someone who already has an account.

7. Anonymous - July 13, 2010

is it free hosting or cheat one ???

8. 13thSlayer - August 21, 2010

Anonym7 – sorry for the late reply. I’ve been a IMW client for a while now – back from when it was in Beta stage and didn’t need an invite. The host is fully free. You just need to be active. If you want an invite here, I’d give you one allright, since the host is just great. But how can I give an invite to someone who I can’t trust? That’s right – I’m not sure what the heck would you be trying to put there. If you have any good friends who know of IMW, ask them.

9. Muhammad Abdul Mutlib - December 28, 2010

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10. Bradley Smith - March 4, 2011

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11. Bradley Smith - March 4, 2011

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Bradley Smith

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