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The Support Solution February 10, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

To those of you who log in every day and stay active in our community, and place valid advertising, I owe the success of our service at this point. You may not have any official position or title, but you are the leaders of our service, the leaders of our vision, and the leaders in our mission.

Coming February 21st we will be relaunching the Advisor system. What this means for you, the applicant:

A Chance To Make An Impact
Work one-on-one with up to 99 clients to enable success. It ranges widely from answering simple questions to actually building their website for them. Help them plan. Help them improve. Help them promote. Help them expand. It’s up to you how involved you will become.

Your Own Miniature Business
Here’s the chance to make some real credits. 5% of everything your clients earn – ever. So, advertising, donations, volunteering, activity, etc… That’s an extra 5% that comes directly to you. So, once your clients are all set up, you’re pretty much free to kick back and earn, and get free stuff.

Almost A Completely Free Reseller
I have to be careful here, as I’m not sure exactly how many features will be made available to you right away. However, the end aim is that you will be able to:

  • Process the hosting requests of your clients.
  • Process upgrade requests, feature requests, and reset requests.
  • View statistics on advertising revenue (subject to client approval).
  • Access cPanel and help build the site (subject to client approval).
  • Create a separate sign-up for friends to join under your advisory.
  • Mass PM your clients (which will email them if enabled).

The rest of this page will be a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the Advisor system.

Is the Advisor system a new system?
No. It existed a long time ago. In fact, it was highly successful in building community and offering high quality personalized support. The reason it was discontinued before was because we moved providers, and switched to an AJAX-based system, which meant converting over all the pages to the new system. The Advisor system never got converted until now.

When will the Advisor system be complete?
By February 21st. Applications to apply as an Advisor will open before then, though we don’t have a set date. Please note that not all above mentioned features may be available in the first version.

Who can become an Advisor? What are the requirements?
Anyone currently in compliance with our hosting rules can become an Advisor. The only requirements are fluency in English and a desire to help your clients. You also need to fill out an application, however it is instant. Then it’s up to clients if they wish to accept you or not.

How can Advisors interact with their clients?
Advisors can make use of (1) Private Messages, (2) mass Private Messages, (3) The Advisor chatroom, or (4) MSN Messenger. The Advisor chatroom is an online chatroom dedicated to you and your clients only. Your MSN Messenger may be published as an Advisor, and clients are able to add you to their contacts.

What will happen to the Support Council/Support Department?
The plan is that, once this system gets going for a few months, the top 3 Advisors would become the new support department. They would be responsible for answering all queries not specifically directed to any Advisor. So basically, they would serve the larger community outside of their own client list.

What is the expected commitment level of an Advisor?
If you are an Advisor, it is expected you log into the site roughly every day to check if there are any new messages for you. Of course, you can skip a day now and again, however any longer is probably not the best strategy if you want to keep satisfied clients. Remember that your clients are free to leave you at any time, and choose another Advisor they like better. In that case, they take everything you taught them, all the improvements you worked on together, and all the future revenue you might have generated.

What if I need to go on vacation, for example?
Then, you put your account in ‘vacation’ mode. All your clients go up for temporary adoption, and another Advisor can take over. If you return within the set time period (up to 3 months), then you can reclaim your clients (unless they’ve switched over to the new Advisor permanently on you). If you go on vacation for more than 3 months, just build up a new list of clients when you return.

Can Advisors have Advisors?
Sure they can. You just can’t choose your client as your Advisor. So this means, you can end up with 5% of 5% (0.25%) of the earnings of your client’s clients, and so on. It might take a while to trickle up to you though.

What if I don’t have time to be an Advisor anymore?
I will be building a special system to handle that. Basically, you can appoint a replacement, and all your clients will fall under that new Advisor. If the replacement is already an Advisor, they must have room to accept your clients.

I want to help more than 99 people. How do I do this?
You convince your clients to become Advisors, and work with them to help more people. Or you remove inactive clients from your list. I’m sorry but 99 active clients is quite a handful if you’re doing your job right.

Will I have to use an Advisor?
Of course not, however there will be some issues which support can’t resolve as effectively as an Advisor, such as resolving the errors in your website or improving your layout or helping you get to where you want to be. Mainly due to time constraints with a large number of clients, it’s your best bet to get an Advisor.

What if I don’t know the answer to what a client asks?
Then you ask someone, obviously. Nobody is expected to know everything. (Except me it seems.)

When do Advisors get paid?
The plan is that every day at 3 AM (GMT – 6) you will get credit for the whole day’s transactions. If a client switches in the middle of the day, then you will get the credits when they switch. If you are earning revenue from your client’s clients, that may take as many days as levels deep the chain is to reach you.

What happens to inactive Advisors?
If you don’t log in for a day (24 hours), your listing disappears from the Advisor list. This means, new clients cannot sign up to be your clients. The listing will be restored when you log in. If you don’t log in for a week (24 x 7 hours), then your clients will be temporarily assigned to a different Advisor. If you don’t log in for a month (24 x 30 hours), then your clients become permanently reassigned and you will need to gather new ones. You can avoid this by using the vacation mode.

Who are inactive clients assigned to?
Clients of inactive or vacationed Advisors go up for ‘adoption’. This means, another Advisor can ‘adopt’ them, help them with limited access granted. The newly adopted clients become permanent clients once the temporary period expires. No Advisor can accept more than 99 clients at any one time.

Are there plans to offer Advisors in languages beside English?
Of course there are. The main problem is how our site is in English, and our rules are in English, and anyone who hasn’t read and understood them is not exactly welcome. However, in time we will have translations available. That’s why second languages will be requested on the Advisor application.



1. Marc/Raistlin - February 11, 2010

Sounds great! I’m not a pro in technology, but I think I know enough to answer a few questions. Finally a way for me to help IsMyWebsite!

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