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Need Ruby On Rails? February 17, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

So, as you’re all aware, we were promised Ruby on Rails access by a total of 5 providers, and as of this post, had now confirmed Ruby on Rails to not be working, for anyone, anywhere. Our thanks again to the individuals who finally came forward and offered to help us with this investigation.


The basic end result is this:

Ruby on Rails doesn’t work without SSH.

As far as I can tell, and to the best of my knowledge, Ruby on Rails is not usable without SSH access to the server. The implications of this are rather large. Basically, if you’re looking to use Ruby on Rails, you have to be very cautious who you sign up with, since numerous services are making a false claim to a fully functional Ruby on Rails. I do not mean to suggest anyone is doing this intentionally, however even the cPanel documentation is suggestive that Ruby on Rails works immediately upon installation, without any special access.

However, you guys are in luck, because we did manage to arrange Jailed SSH access to a limited number of clients in need to use Ruby on Rails. At the moment, we have decided to limit this use to 7 clients in total. As of this writing, 6 spots are still available. You can get yours by replying below.

Again, this is shocking that a claim like this could be so widespread, and I seriously hope someone can determine it to be untrue and the Ruby doesn’t need SSH to work. Until such time, this is our official verdict, so if you need Ruby on Rails, sign your name and account below. Again, there are only 6 spots remaining open.



1. lakridserne - February 20, 2010


I need Ruby on Rails, so could you please give me access to SSH? I moved my site to node 7 as you said I should to get the SSH access.

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