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The Future February 20, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Yesterday, we topped 163 clients active within the same 24 hour period. This is something I never thought could happen. It’s higher than previous peaks launched by any mass mailer (except one), and there wasn’t even a mass mailer. So it’s given me a bit of hope.

I just want to go over, to share with you guys, the final vision. A lot is in disarray, but here is the final end product, that should be ready by this summer.

1) Multiple Ways To Pay
I’m planning to drop the word ‘free’ wherever I can. Not that the service isn’t going to be free, it’s just that the word free seems to be the leading cause of people who expect everything for nothing. Instead, I’m focusing on the idea of ‘choose how you pay’. I’ll be setting up the hosting so you pay monthly in credits, based on what you use. As for how you earn credits, all these options will come available:

2) Pay With Advertising
I’m going to expand the network of advertisers. I’ve already found a bunch of networks to add in. It wont be just AdSense and linkbacks anymore. What this means is, you’ll have a lot more choices when generating new advertisements. In fact, the system was built from the ground up to support up to 99 different networks.

All advertisements will be more extensively tracked and revenues will appear in your account via the credit system. At the moment, AdSense is tracked, so any time now, you should see a huge influx of credits from your earnings there.

3) Pay With Activity
Did you know that simply logging in each day to check messages, visit the chat, or access cPanel (through your account) earns you credits? It’s true. And since there’s a bonus for cumulative days, your fellow members have already gotten a head start if you’re just reading this now.

You’re also going to get bonuses for being on the highscores for most active – and believe it or not, I have cached the highscores every day back to when that system started, so there is a lot of prize money to be sent out.

4) Pay With Forum Posts
I’m looking into a system similar to the one currently in use by many post-to-host websites, whereby the length of your forum post can be used to determine the payout. So longer posts = more credits. Ultimately, this is going to be a lot of work to implement with PHPBB, but I’m sure our competent development team can figure that one out.

All posts made so far are currently being credited at a higher payout rate to compensate for the lack of a length bonus. So now is an excellent time to get more credits than you normally would on the forums.

5) Pay By Helping Others
At some point tomorrow, the rough outline of the Advisor system should be complete. There’s a post on it here, but essentially, one can earn 5% of what their clients do. So, instead of having to earn all the credits yourself, you just profit off the hard work of others, and help them puzzle through the tough challenges of building their site.

Tomorrow is the best time to hop onto the new system. The good clients are sure to go fast.

6) Pay By Volunteering
If you’re a volunteer presently, this will be great news. I’m considering the implementation of some kind of wage system. Now, I don’t have details about exactly how, or when, this will be implemented, but I do know, if you remain an active volunteer until the launch, then you will be credited for all the time past. (If you work then quit, I can’t say the same.)

Each department will probably have a separate payment scheme, and for council members it will be standardized based on volunteer panel activity (which is all logged).

7) Run Your Own Store
This has a lot of roadblocks, and probably wont be happening this summer. Expect it some time around early 2011, or sooner if you’re lucky. (Unless the development team takes this over and makes it happen.) I’d like to give every client the ability to run their own store, selling whatever product/service you’d like, in exchange for credit. So, you could design websites, offer software, sell membership, etc… and it would pay for everything you needed.

If you already have a product or service, this is an excellent opportunity to provide it to just a few more customers, in exchange for your hosting. Not to mention, you get your brand out there.

8 ) Pay With Donations
Before we continue, no this is not paid upgrade. This isn’t a premium version of the service that will be better than the free version. This is an alternative payment method. I wont be treating those people who pay with special ‘rich person’ status or a ‘lucky I was born in the first world’ gold pendant. What you will get, is a listing on the donation wall, and hosting that is, for most people, cheaper than what you can get elsewhere, since you pay for what you use, not for what is oversold to you.

You’ll just be able to use the ‘Donate For Credit’ link in the ‘Overview’ section of your account to make a donation, and receive credits in your account you can then use for the same things any of the above methods will get you.

9) Advertising Will No Longer Be Mandatory
Once all the systems above are implemented (except maybe stores), advertising will no longer be mandatory. Instead, the cost to keep your account running will be deducted monthly, at the end of each month. If your account runs out of credits, you’ll receive a warning, and I’m more than willing to help you through that, but I wont do it all for you.

10) A New Web 2.0 Layout
A lot of people aren’t completely happy with the layout, and I would have to guess after over 2 years of use, it is a bit outdated. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. So that’s why, we will be having a large competition for who can design the new layout, to be implemented in early September. Just to make this fun, let’s have a grand prize of 10,000 credits, or in other words, you could buy a top level domain for you, and 2 friends, and still have 1,000 credits left over. Plus, whatever firm or individual creates the final design is going to have a lot of publicity, and probably a lot of business. It’s a webmaster community, after all.

Specifics will be posted March 1st. Competition will last until September 1st, and final announcement/implementation will be made September 15th.

11) Node 1 Becomes A Testing Zone
It’s been continuously getting worse. Uptime is barely above 90%, and things are always slow. We’ll be moving most active accounts off this server, and then using it as a ‘testing zone’. Clients can create ‘sandbox’ accounts, instant hosting that epicly fails. This should provide something for those people who want hosting right away, while still keeping them off the good servers, and if they want better hosting all they need to do is provide the description and get a review. (Not that hard.)

If you want to be moved off Node 1 now, then please send a message or PM and it will be done.

12) Node 6 Switching To MochaHost
So, apparently HostDime is retiring the server this month. Thus, all accounts with valid advertising placed will be moving over to a new server on MochaHost. All others will be discarded.

I’ve also prepaid the MochaHost server for the next 3 years, so it’s a substantial savings. Plus, special winter savings. I expect this will result in much higher quality hosting on Node 6, and for about the same rate as before.

13) FAQ Wiki For Faster Answers
Say, you just want to know something quickly? Then, all you need to do is type your question in the new FAQ Wiki page, and you’ll have your answer. Of course, it will be a while before every answer is available, but you can still get the answer sent to you via email once it’s added.

Thus, we only need to answer each question once.

Enjoy your hosting, now and for the future.



1. Carlos - February 28, 2010

I´ll do what ever it takes to do my best.

2. J,R,D, Ltd - March 3, 2010

I know this post is a little old but I didn’t hear about it until that huge E-mail went out the other day and I have some questions.

1. I don’t get many (if any, I can’t view awstats so I guess I will get with support on that) visitors other than myself to my site, How much will resources cost? Or can users not calculate how many credits they will need to raise?

2.I can place adsense (or other advertising) for my IMW account on a site I have on another host as long as they allow me to place my own advertising correct?

I guess that is it, atleast for now, when I first read the E-mail and this post there were more questions going through my mind.

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