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Node 4 Relocating February 21, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Hi Everyone,

Those of you who have noted the Fantastico and Softalicious errors on Node 4, thank you for your observation. We have been working diligently with Aquarius Storage to resolve these problems over the last week or so. In any case, the final result is that it all boils down to this:

We will need to migrate your data to neptune.wehosthere.com, one of our new servers to fix this error for you.

Please let us know when is con[ve]n[i]ent for you.

So, this is a heads up, don’t-say-I-didn’t warn-you, notice. It’s likely there will be brief downtime during this transition, though we will do our best to avoid that. We will probably attempt to perform the transfer late Sunday or Tuesday next week, since that’s when the usage of websites seems to be minimal.

Edit: I now have further information on the new server where we will be moving:

1) Should be [no interruption to client websites].

2) Current server has 2 CPU’s and 1GB of RAM. New one has 16 CPU’s and 12GB of RAM.

3) The issue is that the /var partition became full so we had to remove the softalicious/fantastico files to avoid having the servers /var reaching 100%. We have repartitioned our servers with 50GB partitions to avoid this in the future.

So, this should be excellent news and much improve the quality of hosting you can expect in the future.



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