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New Layout Competition March 1, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

A lot of people aren’t completely happy with the layout, and I would have to guess after over 2 years of use, it is a bit outdated. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. So that’s why, we will be having a large competition for who can design the new layout, to be implemented in early September. Just to make this fun, let’s have a grand prize of 10,000 credits, or in other words, you could buy a top level domain for you, and 2 friends, and still have 1,000 credits left over. Plus, we’ll give lifetime free hosting (costs no credits), and whatever firm or individual creates the final design is going to have a lot of publicity, and probably a lot of business. It’s a webmaster community, after all.

Here are the specifics of the layout.

(a) The colours that should make up the vast majority of the layout are blue and orange, with any monochrome colour. So, white, gray, or black is acceptable as well. The winning layout should have a good combination of both colours and monochrome. In addition, colours closer to the blue and orange presently in use on the site are much preferred. The blue is ‘#185D94’ and the orange is ‘#E4A20D’.

(b) The layout must be fully compatible with the current content generation system. That means, the main content will remain exactly how it is, with very minimal changes. It must look acceptable without any changes. The current content uses <a></a> for links, <a class=”wb”></a> for buttons, <h1></h1> and <h2></h2> for headers, and <p></p> for paragraphs. Main content width is 600px at present.

(c) Curves are preferred to corners, wherever possible. We should look ‘smooth’. I’m trying to create an atmosphere of friendship and excitement, while still maintaining a good degree of professionalism, and I definitely want a modern look.

(d) The layout should look consistent on all major browsers, IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. It should work with any amount of content, from none to pages and pages. In addition, it should be tested to look okay without CSS, without images, and without JavaScript.

(e) Avoid the use of Flash, especially animations, and especially sound. This is not supposed to entertain, but provide functionality.

(f) An addition the main layout, we also need content that strongly resembles the main site, which we can use for:

(i) Display on new websites.

(ii) Display on suspended accounts.

(iii) Display on the default page.

Or similar. This separate layout, should match closely, but not have the full menu. It should also have a smaller area for content. So visitors can tell it’s still on our network, and that they’re not at our website.

(g) In addition, I need a logo designed. I’m thinking of perhaps having multiple slogans that switch, however for now, just use ‘Your Success Is Our Success’ as the slogan. Play with the idea of an IsMyWebsite Version 2 Beta.

(h) Finally, the layout must be adaptable to the forums (PHPBB), so that a matching layout should be generated.

All submitted layouts can be evaluated and have feedback received through the competition. Once the final date approaches, those layouts that remain after an initial meeting with the Administrative council will be put up for public voting. Every client can vote for their top pick. If we get a lot of submissions (more than 3) then you can vote for your top 3.

All submissions that make it to the voting will receive 1,000 credits. The second place submission will receive 3,000 credits. The third place will receive 2,000. We may also consider these layouts as alternatives that clients can choose to use.

Further announcement will be made later this month, so everyone knows about this competition. You, meanwhile, will have a head start. The competition will last until September 1st, and final vote tally will be made September 15th.



1. dbaba - March 1, 2010

I am in ….

2. lakridserne - March 2, 2010

Good to hear. I’m looking forward to see what you get designed.

3. J,R,D, Ltd - March 3, 2010

I might try this although I am not very good at css and web design but hey it could be worth a try if I can fit it in.

4. lakridserne - March 4, 2010

I can’t find out making more than simple changes to images, so I don’t think I can be with in the competition. 😦 10.000 credits would be very nice to have…..

5. idiotnesia - March 8, 2010

wew.. 10k Credit.. wanna try that

6. skorpyo - March 10, 2010

you know I’m in…

7. Jcubed - March 10, 2010

can i use colors besides blue and orange? because i plan on it…

8. A new theme is on the way, and I tell you about it all here | WebTipsEveryDay - May 17, 2010

[…] The theme you see to the left is a theme made by Jcubed for IsMyWebsite in the design competition. […]

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