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Node 4 – Exactly What The Problem Is April 1, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Now I’m getting asked about them a fair bit, so I figured everyone should know. There are a few problems with Node 4. The main issue, the root cause, is that the server was configured with a low /var/ partition area, and thus it’s constantly filling up.

This is the reason Fantastico and Softaculous were disabled by the provider Aquarius Storage, to help lower the /var/ usage. It’s also the reason for many of the problems we are facing at the moment in terms of MySQL connectivity, slow response at times, and even historically unheard of downtime (in terms of the history of this node, these kinds of numbers haven’t been matched since back when we initially signed up with them on our first, somewhat unstable, server).

Their servers are high quality Super Micro servers, for better overall performance. Unfortunately this better performance is not free, and their costs on average are above others. Our server was initially transferred form their server ‘stinger’ to ‘viper’, however it appears this change was not officially noted, and thus they were not aware of our usage.

On the day they finally got set up to transfer over our accounts, after having announced this move a number of times and responding to continual questions of ‘when?’, we were instead greeted by a notice that we were using too many accounts.

After removing or relocating a large number of smaller websites, we are now down to less than half the accounts we had before, but they still need more to be removed before they can move us to another server. We’ve been discussing for a while with them and they are strong supporters of what we are doing here. They are willing to forego profits in order to help us, however they are not willing to lose money in order to do so. What this means is that the price of keeping your account on Node 4 will be approximately 50 cents or 100 credits each month.

As you know from the email I sent out (which was not an April fools joke), hosting is going to start costing credits each month, in a system designed to encourage clients to take responsibility for their own fiscal footprint. It’s important to note this is a zero-profit system. You merely end up compensating for the exact cost of your hosting. It is highly feasible for anyone to be able to afford their hosting costs, however they choose to compensate, and this system is to prevent those who are unwilling to do their part, from wasting the time, energy, and efforts of those who give just a bit extra.

Now, for the meantime, if your account is on Node 4:

  • Be aware that there are problems, and we know about them, and they are likely to continue until the move is complete.
  • Fantastico and Softaculous, despite the error messages you receive, are not broken, but have been disabled, for the reasons outlined here.
  • At the end of the transition, the quality of hosting you receive is expected to return to the normal, premium service, which Node 4 has been known to provide, however our costs will be increasing. So be aware you will be expected to contribute as the quality of your service warrants.
  • You are always free to relocate to another server by sending us an email or private message. If you need assistance transferring your data over, be sure to mention that.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your hosting. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



1. Daniel - April 5, 2010

Thanks for the information. Is it causing node 4 down at the moment? I hope the server will be up immediately.

2. Marc Gagné - April 11, 2010

It would seem the problem of the templates has been resolved just a few minutes ago…

3. ismyreseller - April 14, 2010

I’m the new host of Node 4, If you have any questions you can contact me on MSN at michael.spears ismyreseller.com
(replace with @)

4. ismyreseller - April 14, 2010

The site on my wp.com profile is wrong, the url is http://ismyreseller.com

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