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Top Destinations For Your Website April 12, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Here’s a summary of the best, and worst, places to get your website hosted. All services are under constant testing by our clients, and we have compiled together their compliments, feedback and concerns into one handy location.

1) HighLayer (Node 7)
This Canadian web hosting provider has consistently topped the charts with their high near 100% uptime. They take great care to announce any maintenance in advance, and go out of their way to provide extra features as necessary for their clients. Their handling of issues always seems just one step ahead of the others.

Unfortunately for anyone looking to get into this server, it’s stock full and overflowing. A capacity upgrade may be in the works if enough people request it.

2) Felweb (Node 2)
Slow and steady wins the race, though this server is still above average for speed. Three years is a long time to have used a service, and in that time you get to know it quite thoroughly. And I can honestly say that whatever challenges come their way, they know what they’re doing, and they will stay up long hours to resolve them.

There is still space on Node 2 for a few more clients, however access is highly restricted. You must be on the Improving stage and have a professional website which makes an impact.

3) Addora (Node 5)
One word: Power. This server averages only 99.9%, but it’s definitely set up to deliver the performance you expect. If you run a service like Drupal or WordPress, this can be quite helpful to reduce load time. But buyers be warned – the support for this hosting provider is not the best, so only sign on if you know what you’re doing.

Node 5 has a fair amount of room, and is open to anyone who requests to be moved there at this time.

4) Open Source Hosting Solutions (Node 3)
Everything is decent and average. There’s nothing special about them, except that they are our only provider in the UK at present. They have a different way of operating, by overtaking other hosting providers. This is probably your best bet if you’re just starting out, since you probably wont get much traffic yet, or need all the extra features.

Node 3 has room for a few dozen more accounts only at this time.

5) MochaHost (Node 6)
If you love features, this is the host for you. JSP, Python, Django, and Subversion are all features which are unique to Node 6, while others like Ruby are shared among a few providers. Uptime is not quite up to par with the others yet, but it’s not all that bad either. Just slightly below the industry average for paid hosting.

Node 6 has lots of room. New accounts are being set up here at present.

6) SmokyHosts (Node 1)
Test away, plan your design, code scripts, or get a boost on this wild ride. It’s a very fast and powerful server, but beware, it’s up and down (91.8% uptime last 14 days at present). This host comes equipped with RV Site Builder and FrontPage to help beginners get there website going, though it’s not recommended for anything large-scale.

Node 1 can handle “thousands of accounts”, and has been doing so for years.



1. Daniel - April 13, 2010

How about node 4?

2. Marc - April 13, 2010

“TOP Destinations For Your Website”.
I think that’s why.
Anyway, Node 4 is apaprently relocating, so it’s not open to new accounts.

3. ismywebsite - April 13, 2010

I’ve asked Ryan from Aquarius Storage where he thinks the host fits into this chart. For now, we’ve left their hosting out of the ratings, due to their request.

4. Grace - April 14, 2010

Ismywebsite isn’t working for me and I can’t access my email, if there was a mail about it. Does anyone know when it will be back up? Thanks.

5. zepplin - April 15, 2010

the ismywebsite is down for 24 hours. What happened?

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