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Interpreting Your Invoice Email June 15, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

This blog post will serve as a FAQ to help answer some common questions, which I know will arise.

How Do I Pay My Invoice?
Your invoice is paid already. The payment is reflected in your account balance. Thus, your only responsibility is to have your credit balance at a sufficient level to pay the costs for next month.

How Do I Get Enough Credits?
A wide variety of ways, including logging in/using the site actively, placing advertising on your website in an effective location, posting on our community forums, finding bugs, writing tutorials, designing banners. If you’re experienced, you can also help other clients as an Advisor. And those of you who don’t want to do any of this can just pay cash. There are no shortage of ways. http://www.ismywebsite.com/earn is a complete list.

What Happens If I Don’t Have Enough Credits?
A giant troll eats you. No seriously, the credit system only exposes the problem. We’re here to help find the solution. As long as you make a solid effort to change the trends, you don’t need to worry. We’ll help you get back in the green any way we can.

It’s only if you completely ignore our messages, or refuse to take the necessary steps of resolution, and you’re in the negative 2 months in a row, that you have to worry. Then we just terminate your account and give the resources to someone else. And honestly, I don’t think you’ll get any sympathy from anyone here. They’ve already put up with you for 2 months!

How Are The Costs Calculated?
It’s based, down past the penny, on the cost to host your website. We’ve factored in the exact storage, bandwidth, and account cost as based on our hard limits and the costs we pay to our network providers. So that’s what you’re paying is the exact base cost. Any extra contributions you want to make can go towards domains, VPSes, etc… in the credit system.

Why Do I Have A Subsidy?
It’s pretty simple. If you made a donation at any point in our history, then you get one based on the donation you made. Over $100 = 100% subsidy. Over $20 = 50% subsidy. Over $5 = 20% subsidy. And anything else is a 5% subsidy. This is because people as generous as you deserve to be rewarded like this.

I Made A Donation And I Don’t Have A Subsidy?
Just let me know your username, the PayPal transaction ID or how you made the payment, and how much you paid. I’ll do my best to locate it. This should only happen if you sent cash in an unmarked envelope, or your PayPal transaction had no helpful information and the email didn’t match to your account email.

If I Donate Now, Will I Get A Subsidy?
No. Subsidies are only for clients who donated without expecting anything in return. Take a lesson and next time someone asks for your help, help them out. We do still accept donations, however I don’t guarantee getting anything in return.

What Is Storage Cost And How Is It Calculated?
Storage cost is the cost for the storage space your account occupies. It is calculated by multiplying your amount of storage currently in use by the cost per megabyte, for storage in the server. Your storage limit is irrelevant. You only pay for what you are presently using.

What Is Bandwidth Cost And How Is It Calculated?
Bandwidth cost is the cost for the bandwidth (monthly traffic) that your account served in the month. It is calculated in much the same way, multiplying the bandwidth by the cost per megabyte. Your bandwidth limit is irrelevant. You only pay for what you used in the month of the invoice.

What Is Account Cost And How Is It Calculated?
Account cost is a flat fee to keep an account hosted on the server. Every server we use is allocated a maximum number of accounts, to preserve the server quality. By having an account there, it uses up one slot in the allocation. ie Someone else cannot fit on that server because you are in the spot.

Why Is This Invoice Coming Out On The 15th?
In the future, you can expect invoices to come out within the first couple days of each month. This invoice is late because building the system proved a tad more complicated than originally expected. Such complications include (a) how to reward the donors, and we mean really reward the donors, who have obviously already paid for their hosting, (b) how to help, and we mean really help, the numerous clients who are undoubtedly now in the red, and (c) everything else unrelated to this system that must be done on a day to day basis. Thanks to all the volunteers who do what they can.

I’m Being Charged For An Account Which Isn’t Working!
So are we! So help us out by telling us exactly what the problem is and we’ll help you solve it.

I Have A Problem. Should I Keep Totally Quiet And Hope Things Solve Themselves?
What do you think? (No.)



1. Mamoun - June 16, 2010

Neat idea! Thanks for the explanation. 🙂

2. Ilse - June 17, 2010

I think this system is great! And thanks for the FAQ. It’s very informative.

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