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Top 10 Problems To Solve In June June 17, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in features, general, innovation.

1) Support Delays
My opinion is that 15 minutes is too long! It’s simple: The right people, the right attitude, and the right tools. We need all three.

2) Working Credit Store
People are pretty impatient. I get it. I think we have about three partially completed versions. Can someone finish it?

3) Better Upgrade System
This system could use a re-evaluation to determine if it’s still applicable or how to work things.

4) Use Of Sessions/Cookies
It’s right there ready to be implemented. I’m just hoping someone else will beat me to it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

5) 500 Internal Server Errors
These are nasty, but they stem from such a simple cause – incorrect default permissions on index.php.

6) cPanel Creation Failures
Yes they still happen from time to time (1% of accounts). We need a better creation script to bring this to 0%.

7) More Client Guidance
The steps to get an account set up should be clearly outlined and new clients should be kept in the loop if any action is required.

8) Advisor Improvements
The Advisor system is still quite incomplete. Timezone, resignation, and a solid OO back-end would be great!

9) Clearer Department Setup
It should be easy to understand who is responsible for what, so not just staff but anyone can know.

10) Better Bug System
So bugs are sent straight to development, who can track, credit, and fix them ASAP.



1. Marc - June 18, 2010

For Support:
Maybe it would be nice to clearly outline in a WEB PAGE (not a forum post or a blog post) who to contact for what: it would list the departments, their role, who to contact…
For the rest:
Out of my league. This is development.

2. Jasen - June 18, 2010

Clearer department setup? I think abuse has done a bit already to clear things up.

3. ismywebsite - June 19, 2010

That’s exactly what #9 is.

4. Imtiaz - June 20, 2010

Hi, I’m Imtiaz and I am one of the three council members of the Abuse Department. Don’t break the IMW Laws đŸ˜€ and you’ll have a nice stay here:D

5. Deltik - June 20, 2010

#9 is complete!
You may visit it at http://ismywebsite.com/staff

6. ismywebsite - June 22, 2010

That page will have to be rebuilt thanks to VectorLevel. Might be a good idea while you’re doing that to add a bit more detail about the responsibilities of each volunteer.

7. Deltik - June 25, 2010

Done again!

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