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T-Shirts And VPSes? June 19, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Apparently we already have potential customers.


So thanks Szabo for your generous offer to design these and with luck we’ll be offering them soon for 8,000 credits ($40 USD) with proceeds going towards potentially expanding our server network. This is enough to host an additional 400 clients for their first month. No wardrobe is complete without one!

I’ll give you an update as we progress with this – and in the end we can see Szabo in his brand new T-Shirt which he designed!

On another note, we’re planning to offer VPSes quite soon for 3,000 credits ($15 USD) per month. These come with all the following riggings:

1024 MB Burst Memory
512 MB Guaranteed Memory
20 GB RAID 10 Storage
500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Root SSH Access
Equal Share CPU
Your Own IP Address
100MBPS Switchport
Location: Atlanta In US Or Romania In Europe

They are unmanaged, and of course this is a new service. There are things I don’t yet know. But I know these are high quality reliable servers because we are using them right now in our DNS system. They come with a really easy remote service to do all kinds of tasks like automatic VPS deployment, VPS start/stop/restart, OS reinstall, clear the machine firewall, reset the root password, change hostname, set IP reverse DNS, and viewing resources information including used memory, disk, traffic, and running processes count.

So I guess if you’re interested in a VPS like the one above, let me know and I’ll be sure to give you a shout when they’re ready.



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