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VectorLevel Explains June 22, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

So I did just receive an explanation from VectorLevel:

This was due to the change in ow[ner]ship that occur[r]ed. An email was sent out about this last week Wednesday and is listed below, a lot of the information is out of date but it does introduce the change in ownership. The previous owner had told us that the emails he had sent emails to all clients with their own nameservers stating the new nameservers. The IP you stated is the correct IP and we are VERY sorry for the issues caused. I have issued a credit to your account for the issues caused[.]

And the email which we never received apparently went like this:

Dear Customers,

Firstly let me introduce myself my name is Robert Hare and I am the new owner of VectorLevel. I have been in the hosting industry for 6 years now, and bring with me some very experienced staff members to aid and assist you if you have any issues. The previous owner sends his apologies but due to personal commitments he has to leave the industry. He has made every effort to ensure the quality you are used to remains and hence has passed the company on to us.

I know most of you will be more interested in the current status of the migration so I will also cover that in this quick email. The initial migration performed was using directadmin’s transfer script by the previous owner and staff. This caused the new server to be a mess with permission issues, login issues, email issues and most websites having trouble working effectively. For this reason we decided we had to move to a new server to get out of that mess and to get onto a setup we knew was perfect for your needs. That migration and setup occurred immediately and is as I write this 90% complete. We plan to move over the DNS of the servers Wednesday the 16th of June, with complete shutdown of the old servers by the end of the week.

I understand some of you may be frustrated by the issues of the previous migration, however my staff are taking great care over this and there should be no major issues. Due to the issues in the previous migration and the fact that the websites are actually split between two servers as a lot of websites are in various stages of the migration I am afraid that there may be some small data loss, however we are keen to emphasize that we have a copy of all backups and will restore them if a ticket is created. We greatly apologise for these issues and will be issuing everyone a full credit for a months’ worth of hosting to apologise and to encourage you to stick around and see that we are a quality company.

Having talked to a few of you personally I have a very good idea of the changes you would like in place and the first of those is that I have installed a live chat system which will be manned 24/7 by US staff member as well as a phone system which should be live shortly. There are also quite a few other features we are planning to release but for now our main concern is providing stable, high speed web hosting to our current customers. So if you have any issues please feel free to create a ticket or contact me personally

Kind Regards
Robert Hare
CEO Line3 Solutions Ltd

Reloading the DNS is at approximately L at the moment, so close to half way done. We should be online again here very shortly. And I’ve updated the DNS so the transition to a new server in the future will be largely automatic, and for what couldn’t be automatic, much smoother at least.

Edit: Overlooked one change that needed to be made. It’s been automated now as well. Starting again reloading zones from A.



1. BOB - June 22, 2010

Why the hell do they restore a 12 day old backup? Why didn’t the host create a new backup and restore that to the new server?

2. Johnnycp - June 22, 2010

Site up. Forum isn’t?

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