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Tasks For All Departments June 24, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Some volunteers appear not to know what needs to be done, so let me make a few suggestions. If you are a volunteer and your aren’t feeling stressed to the bone, then you’re probably not doing what needs to be done, and chances are, you’re causing someone else (perhaps me) undue stress. If you’re unable to help, please let me know so we can find someone else to take over for you.

There are about 4 days worth of unanswered mail. 15 minutes is unacceptable. Please fix that. Also, work is underway on a new support system, so if there’s any features which would benefit you then please mention them.

Work on the items in my other blog post here. There are only 6 days left in June.

This should be a busy time as we are redesigning the registration. We need to get a team set up on all instant messengers to handle invites for people who don’t know anyone who’s using the hosting.

Check the directory for any websites which do not reflect positively on IsMyWebsite. Also, invalid descriptions, etc… Then find a plan for resolving all those issues. We should have a solid plan for the future. Also, we need a more effective system for displaying and resolving suspensions, which needs to be designed and detailed plans given to Development.

We still need to determine requirements of advancing to Promoting and Expanding. In addition, check all the tutorials for any out of date information. And think of any other ways to help build up the success of individual clients.

Figure out the best use for the sidebar on our main website. We also need promotional material for the new credit system, so it can be explained in a universally appealing way. Some people still think they have to pay for hosting, while others are stuck with how to earn credits.



1. Kim - June 24, 2010

is this meant to make us think that you are doing something instead of what you always do? make vague remarks and arbitrary comments.

ismywebsite - June 25, 2010

Hi Kim,

The spam filter caught your comment. I didn’t delete anything. This is the blog for gosh sake, and blogs are about being honest and solving problems, not burying them.

I do welcome your more detailed questions and objections. I happen to know that the recent changes have resulted in substantially more potential for this hosting.

By showing people the true costs of their hosting through the credit system, money came magically out of nowhere. This is also allowing us to remove several hundred inactive and a few dozen abusive accounts, which are the real culprits on performance to our servers.

By changing to an invite-based system, we can very effectively eliminate abuse for good, which should result in a much higher level of performance all around.

Effectively, we no longer have to worry ‘can we afford to host this person?’, ‘is this person likely to do X, Y, Z?’, or ‘what do we do with this inactive account?’. And when you have roughly 6,000 websites active in the system, these are not really questions you have too much time to answer.

I’m pretty sure that Kim is not your real name, since I don’t know anyone named Kim, at least no one I talk to regularly. But if you do have Skype (it’s free at http://www.skype.com/) then please come online and add ‘azoundria’. I can answer all your concerns in more detail.

2. JackB - June 25, 2010

Do any of the departments need replacements or extra help at the moment?

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