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List Of Staff Being Replaced June 26, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

The following council members have been inactive for a full week and their positions are currently open for interested applicants:

Support Council – Thome (Ashish Patel) – You would work with Dave and Rui to ensure that all clients receive prompt replies to questions and issues with their web hosting. Once you are on top of issues, and have the process down, it should be fairly easy and fun, however these busy individuals are somewhat behind lately, so there is a bit of initial work to get back on track. Someone from the Americas (North America or South America) is preferred as we have a gap over these time zones.

Welcoming Council – Techy2493 (Brandyn Abel) – You would work with Maygnxpyr (Chiriac Stefan) to ensure that all new hosting applicants and anyone interested in web hosting, is set up with everything they need. Help remove any kinks in the registration system until it is smooth and easy. With the new invite-based system, your job will also include interviewing with potential new clients who do not know any of our present clients.

Welcoming Council – Krazy (Nick Barnes) – Same as above.

Anyone interested in helping our hosting succeed, and willing to devote some time and energy towards this goal is invited to apply. To do so, you would first fill out this long and gruesome application:


Once that’s finished, or if you already did it previously, then you would simply reply below with whichever position you are interested in (Welcoming or Support Council). Be prepared this is a leadership position. You are responsible for establishing and maintaining a department as a whole. As part of the way our hosting is set up, each department is designed to act independently of one another, and be ‘self-repairing’, ‘self-expanding’, and ‘self-managed’. Responsibilities of all council members include:

  • Meeting at minimum once per week to discuss the issues relevant to your department, or just say hi/confirm everyone is active if there are no issues to discuss. (The important thing is to know everyone is there and able to bring up their issues.) This can be harder than you might think to get started, however once you have a system (usually a regular set meeting time) then it goes much more smoothly. It will be different for each department since you are all from different timezones and have different commitments.
  • Hiring new council members to replace ones who go inactive or resign. It happens from time to time. This involves simple making a public announcement about the position, then sifting through applicants to determine the best fit. The exact process is up to you, though Administration is here to help if you need any assistance from us whatsoever.
  • Hiring and training new volunteers as necessary to achieve your goals. The process is the same. It’s important to let us (Administration) know everyone who is on your team, so we can ensure all access/incentives are handled correctly.

Good luck to all applicants.

The following council members are 24 hours inactive and advised to hopefully pick up the pace. Being a council member is a huge commitment, and if you’re not busy with something, you’ve probably misunderstood the requirements of you. So please come forward and ask what you can do.

Dave (Dave Debarko) – Support Council Member – Dave has historically done an excellent job. However in modern times, numerous issues are awaiting his expert resolution.

Jasen (Jasen Anderson) – Abuse Council Member – Still abuse issues to resolve, and it’s about time to review all the suspended accounts to determine any that should be suspended. Things will pick up again once registration opens, so it’s a good idea to have solid policies in place for then.

Poiuyt580 (Steven Fu) – Abuse Council Member

March (Jay Chesla) – Abuse Council Member

I_christmas – Marketing Council Member

Thanks to all the following council members who are active in our team!

Cobrastrike (Brendan McNiff)
Lakridserne (Kristoffer Rath Hansen)

Mrrui (Rui Pedro Brito Pereira)

Bigbucks (Andrew Sudduth)
Bass5098 (Kevin Brown)
Deltik (Nick Liu)

Gatz (Chiriac Stefan)

Raistlin (Marc Gagne)
Johnnycp (Johnny)

Goldenlegacy (Aaron Lanter)
Sohmisora (Sora Sohmi)

These individuals are all hard at work to make and keep IsMyWebsite as the best possible hosting experience. Keep up the good work, team! Special thanks to the development team for getting the staff page up, which really made a list like this just so easy to compile. I’m sure it will help out the other councils many times over to keep track of their volunteers. Check it here.

And thanks to everyone willing to put aside their time to help our hosting over the years, even if it’s not in as big a way as being a council member. Your contributions go a long way.



1. Jasen - June 28, 2010
2. Luke Fulford (Lukefulford) - July 2, 2010

If this is still open and relevent, I would be interested in one of the Welcoming Council Positions.

(I’ve already completed a volunteer application a while ago 🙂 )


3. Brian Yang (Techairlines) - July 20, 2010

If this is still open, I would be interested in a Support Council Position.

I’ve completed an application.

Brian (Techairlines)

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