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What Should I Say? June 29, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Ok[ay,] Matt[,] I’ve really had it with [I]s[M]y[W]ebsite. It is the worst host anybody could possibly have[. Y]ou said you improved your staff and hosting but I was wrong to go through with it. Now nobody even activates my account[. Y]ou and your clients cannot even activate one simple account[. I]t really isn’t hard, or your staff may[ ]be so stupid they don’t [know] how to. Three desp[e]rate people asked me [‘I]s [I]s[M]y[W]ebsite good to use?[‘.] I told them “No[. T]hey don’t bother replying if you have any problems, they don’t give you any space or bandwidth, and they are just ridiculous – the worst host you can use[.]” Now these three people use a better web host which I am happy about. I will never use this stupid host again. You can’t even activate my account[. H]ow f*[*]*in[g] sad. F*[*]* OFF.

Really. What should I say?



1. Anonymous - June 29, 2010

Nothing, be mysterious!

2. Deltik - July 1, 2010

You could:

1. Call that client a liar.
2. Explain the temporary Welcoming issues to that client.
3. Explain that hosting resources can be extended upon request.
4. Combine 2 & 3.
5. Reply, “Whooooo! I’m a ghost!”
6. Ignore the client.

3. Anonymous but not the same guy as above. - July 3, 2010

say you are sorry, “the customer is always right”

4. Vibe Tutorials - July 9, 2010

Idk nice blog though I like the colors

5. Gatz - July 19, 2010

The anonymous guy you’re if you’re bored or pissed off good for you; go and find another place to play.
Now back to the topic.
1. All websites are reviewed in less than 24 hours, and if your description isn’t good or is against our rules will be rejected.
2. Sometime the script fail and if you experience problems with your website or need more space, bandwidth etc the best thing you can do is to write on forums and someone will take care of you.
3. Someone who don’t even bother to do that can’t say “the customer is always right”
4. If you tried all I said then we apologise but even so there is no excuse for such words

6. MatheusMK3 - July 20, 2010

Facts about the client:
1- The client typing is really bad.
2- This client is inpatient.
3- He really need to read the terms and understand how things works.

7. Brando Bandit - August 22, 2010

That client is stupid! He never realized that this is the best hosting in the world!

8. 13thSlayer - August 24, 2010

Don’t reply…? Come on! You guys have the best support I ever met (except, maybe, after Ubuntu – but that’s not to compare %)). Ridiculous. That’s what you can say.

9. Brayden97 - October 9, 2010

1. Apologize on behalf of the company
2. Ask them if it is something YOU (I) have done to make you upset?
3. Empathy (I’m sure if I were in your shoes, i’d feel just just like you do.)
4. Thank there feedback, they are the main reason why we have IMW.

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