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Latest On Node 7 June 30, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Okay so it seems that:

1) The recent and agreeably unacceptable downtime on Node 7 is the results of an attack. What attack or the nature of the attack I haven’t been given any details of.

“[Y]ou may experience additional downtime as an attack on Akira took place Saturday and stability was lost. All data is perfectly intact. Do not let that be a worry.”

2) The transition is apparently nearly completed and things should be moved over to the new server, which should be at the following two IP addresses: and

As soon as I’ve confirmed access to be working then I will complete the DNS switch and modify cPanel links to the new IP addresses. However at this time, it is still in progress.

Chris, from the new company Revogate, who’s been up pretty much 4 days straight now working on the issues, had this to say:

“Given the total size of the migration, some downtime will be expected. I know it is short notice but tonight at midnight would work best, if that isn’t possible, let me know as soon as we can do this. We will try to make it as seamless as possible, but … zero downtime is next to impossible.”

3) The server is now located in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s right. Another American server to join our collection. And another Canadian company now under American management. Chris can expand on the server location:

“We are sitting in a DC that is 2 blocks away from the main Internet backbone of the east side of the United States. You can ping for a test and a test file, http://www.revogate.com/deditest.bin is 100mb so you can test download speeds.”

4) If I sound like I’m a bit frustrated at the moment it’s probably just because I’ve been listening to all the complaints of downtime. Though I’m sure we’ll make it through this fairly quickly and onto brighter times. The latest estimate would appear to be 24 more hours, though if we run into more troubles it could be longer.



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