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WebLyte – Our New Node 4 August 31, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Here’s the current Node 4 scoop. A couple weeks ago we received warning that the server would be going offline, due to the management not having sufficient capital to continue, and the loss of the CEO Mike Spears’ dayjob. Apparently, contrary to our understandings, the entire service we were depending on was being funded largely out of dayjob earnings, and not long-term stable, nor were any savings set aside for this purpose.

The date of discontinuance was the 19th of September. Shortly thereafter, this date was bumped up to the 8th of September. And then just recently the entire server went offline, and is now permanently offline, without any notice whatsoever. Fortunately, a couple clients were able to get backups from the CEO directly. Although, he hasn’t released any official statement, and contact has been scarce at best, it is believed he is keeping a copy of all the data in the form of executable backup files, for the purposes of allowing future restoration.

Finding another service is a simple matter in comparison to data recovery, but not a task we’re taking lightly given the past history of Node 4 as a notoriously unlucky place to be hosted. (We’ve been through 3 different providers for the same Node in the past year, while during this same time period Node 6 was the only other server which switched management, save acquisitions.)

The final service we’ve settled on after exhaustive research of dozens, which we have been monitoring over the past months, is WebLyte. They had this to say:

“Thanks for contacting us, we would be honored to host you and your clients! Taking care of those backups would not be a problem for us to restore. Even if dozens, we are ready to provide beyond exceptional service to you and your company.”

And in a specific prepared quote from their CEO, Michael Copeland:

“We welcome you to the WebLyte family of services. With us, you can expect excellent and easy to use web hosting services as we strongly pride ourselves on our service levels, client support & scalability of service. Our objective is to become a world renown brand known for providing easy to use, always-on, scalable services.”

So here’s what’s happening with Node 4:

If you are active, as defined by having logged into your IsMyWebsite account within the last 30 days, your account will be automatically set up on the new server with WebLyte. You can begin using the temporary URL immediately, and your domain within 48 hours (due to DNS propagation).

If you are inactive, meaning you have not logged into your IsMyWebsite account within the last 30 days, you will need to request your account reactivated. We are also working on a system so you can get this done without our assistance. Note that cPanel login time is not checkable as this went down with the server. (Another reason to be active in your account.)

If you need a backup restored, comment here with your cPanel username, and website URL. We will forward this to Mike, who will send us the backup, which we will send to WebLyte, who will execute it, which will restore your account.

We are currently conducting a review of all other service providers, to verify each has sufficient capital to continue to provide service for 3 months, given any reasonable events.



1. Jasonmrc - September 1, 2010

I’m active, do I still need to comment here to have my data backup moved from Mike’s to WebLyte’s?

My site is http://www.thestory.ismywebsite.com/
I’m a little worried about posting the cpanel login username as that would allow others to try to log in, right?

ismywebsite - September 1, 2010

Your website has been added to the backup list. We’ll be requesting the data from Mike shortly.

2. J,R,D, Ltd - September 1, 2010

I need a backup.
cPanel: youngsto
URL: http://youngstown-events.ismywebsite.com/

ismywebsite - September 3, 2010

On the list now. Thanks.

3. Jitto P.Jose - September 2, 2010

I need backup of my site:
cPanel: hallowde
URL: http://hallowdemon.ismywebsite.com/
I hope you would find my account and restore it.
thanks for the support,
Jitto P.Jose

ismywebsite - September 2, 2010


Already added you based on our discussion via PM.

4. John - September 2, 2010

Please backup my data.
My site is:http://nicezonenetru.ismywebsite.com/
Thanks a lot.

ismywebsite - September 2, 2010

No problem. You’re on the list now.

5. david - September 2, 2010

I’m also active !
Please backup my data from from Mike’s to WebLyte’s.
My site is http://cpw.ismywebsite.com
I am waiting for your reply.

ismywebsite - September 2, 2010


The account doesn’t appear active at the moment. What was the cPanel username?

6. the18wosdealer - September 7, 2010

Please Reactivate my site.


I’ve been on vacation fora while and have not checked my emails til recently.

7. GishoSoft - October 6, 2010

Pls bring or back up my data in my pateresjesey.ismywebsite.com. i really need it. thanx.

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