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Where We Went October 22, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

So apparently, this site has grown a lot. This is evident in the fact we’ve now used more than twice the bandwidth we were using 2 months ago. It appears this usage climbed rather suddenly recently, and resulted in our site’s disappearance sometime in the middle of the night. Our costs have also been largely increasing.

Now, as you may or may not know, I generally sleep at night. But luckily, we have an administrative team that operates around the clock, including Tamas Fenyszarusi from Serbia and Kristoffer Hansen from Denmark, who should have been able to detect and resolve this issue a lot sooner. Both have access to submit tickets and get issues resolved.

The status of Tamas Fenyszarusi is unknown at the moment. I suspect he may have been away during this time. He’s allowed to have a life. That’s why there are two administrators. Kristoffer Hansen is a very busy student, and retired from actively managing our team a few months ago, though he’s still committed to help out as time permits. He just happened to notice, but has full access to send tickets, and otherwise resolve the issue, decided he’d take initiative – by sending me an email about it.

I understand there is some confusion here, as I just gathered from Kris’ latest email. Do we need a permanent upgrade or a temporary upgrade? So I guess – that’s a bit tricky. If we got the wrong one, what could happen?

Is it really reasonable to expect our administrators (retired or not) to be able to respond to these events, find a decent solution on their own in the middle of the night (which is daytime for them), or must I really be expected to solve all the problems 24/7?

I want to make sure I’m not too harsh on Kris, and that I’m fair in my expectations. So what do you guys think?



1. Deltaforce229 - October 22, 2010

When it comes to money, decisions that effect the person shelling out the money should be made by that person or someone they assign to make those decisions. If Kris wasn’t assigned or didn’t know how to make that decision I don’t think what he did was wrong.

This seems like one of those things you should have a contingency plan for.

2. ismywebsite - October 22, 2010

I’ve resolved it without paying any money yet.

3. iJames - October 23, 2010

I think you should upgrade. I just really want IMW back!11!!!!!

4. Jerald Johnson - October 23, 2010

I was waiting for the explanation. I’m glad it’s as simple as this. I think, if Kris had the time, then he should have done more than email you about it.

P.S: Matt, I haven’t gotten an answer to my email yet.

5. skorpyo - October 24, 2010

Doesn’t seem like it was fixed to me…

6. ismywebsite - October 24, 2010

“Our apologies for that, one unchecked box caused the auto-suspender to trip again last night. To compensate for this, we’re adding a $20 hosting credit to the system which can be used for any future payment. Thanks!”

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