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Why Is _____ Gone? November 13, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

____ could be any account, website, or message created or modified within the past 2 weeks. It does seem we have a bit of an issue.

At the beginning of this month, Brendan decided that all our older clients shouldn’t appear in our database. I disagreed because I felt that we could reclaim a good 10% when we are, what I would call, ready for them.

I’m not mad he removed them. I’m mad that nobody told me this happened, or who did it.

Two weeks later, when I figured out it was him, I discussed my issues. He happily restored all the accounts. Case closed in his mind.

Turns out, his idea of restoring the old users was overwriting our current database with the one from 2 weeks ago, that contained the old users. Unfortunately I neglected to mention this tiny issue to him, and he was having a “bad day”.

Now, this is just a bit complicated to sort out. All we have to do is grab the latest database, and sort out the changes from the old one. A bit tedious, but computers love tedious work.

Except, there’s one catch. While Brendan was diligent about making a backup the first time around, not so the second time. The last backup he took was from the first time around. And I’m no better. Our fallback appears to be VectorLevel if they have a backup.

So we need a strategy in this area. I have some ideas, but I’m open to suggestions. This will be item #28 at the conference tomorrow.

Thus, if anyone messaged me I didn’t get your issues. So we will have a period at the beginning to get all other issues. And then after that, you need to message me via Skype. Or you can email me to my IsMyWebsite email.



1. Matheus Pratta (MatheusMK3 | Reallifegame) - November 13, 2010

Hey Matt,

I’m on IMW support team and because of reset my forum status went back to Member, can you put me back on Support please?

Also, we should discuss about WebLyte constant downtimes, today it went unresponsive again!

2. iVidman - November 13, 2010

Bad idea everything I’ve worked for is gone, if you don’t have the backup I’m doomed it’s might be 2nd time to restore my site manually

3. PedroGabriel - November 13, 2010

Some people send me personal message saying the site was deleted.
(Do not know why they send me)
More is true, I had a site to be accepted and he disappeared from the list.
I lost many credits and EXP …

Gatz - November 14, 2010

1. The websites are not deleted. Are just gone from IMW panel. You can still access them and login to cpanel if you know the login details.
2. We are trying to find a solution to solve all these problems

Thanks for understanding

4. iVidman - November 14, 2010

Well my site is deleted, data on cpanel but domain doesn’t work and I had to resent my site so please approve it

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