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What I’ll Need November 17, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Okay at this point I’ve kind of given up on VectorLevel. They keep claiming to be able to help us, but when I ask for them to deliver I’m just not seeing the results.

Promise #1 – Ticket Marked Urgent – After 12 Hours

“Hi there, we are looking at what we can do for you and will get back to you as soon as possible. Admittedly our backup strategy is designed for catastrophic restores than individual restores but we think we can pull something for you anyways. Thanks!”

Promise #2 – After 2 Days 22 Hours

“Can you tell us t[he] database name please and we will restore it? What sort of date are we looking for?”

Promise #3 – After 3 Days 8 Hours

“You should be ok now. Let us know if everything is ok. Thanks!”

Promise #4 – After 3 Days 22 Hours

“Thanks Matt I will get that restored now and keep you updated.”

So basically, I’m in a very tricky situation. I can go through and restore one by one the accounts affected, and the websites, a very lengthly process, only to have some of it removed when the backup goes through. Or the backup could never come, in which case we have to do that anyways.

At the moment, I can’t be certain of much. Any PMs I answer, accounts I restore, data I modify, could all be gone tomorrow and though I’d have a backup, it would be tricky to restore only select entries of it.

I’m working out an offsite backup strategy for us on HostGator. Right now I just need some place that will allow me to automate a FTP upload of the backups we take. I’m aiming to have three places, for redundancy. I also have to work out how to encrypt the backups so nobody could possibly retrieve for example client emails, without first decrypting. Account passwords are already encrypted on the new site.



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