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WebLyte Datacenter Outages December 2, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

News from WebLyte regarding the recent Node 4 downtime:

This morning we received this email from our datacenter:

Hello Team WebLyte,

  This is a system wide message to alert you of possible network outages.

  At 2:30PM EST the NOC detected a spike in some of the edge network gear's cpu utilization which has had a degrading affect on our network, we will be doing hardware upgrades tonight at 12:30 AM which should not have any affect on the connections inbound or outbound.

  keep in my the hardware changes will require BGP convergence and some users may experience momentary outages depending on the routes there particular traffic is entering the GoRACK network at the time of the upgrades.

 Thanks you for your understanding.


To say the least, we suffered a period of downtime early this morning. Everything should now be 100% back online and you should also notice faster page load times, faster pings and better latency – as a result from the work at the NOC.

We strive for 100% uptime and will persevere until we achieve this and beyond.

My apologies this is a day late in being posted.



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