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Malice No Question December 31, 2010

Posted by ismywebsite in general.

Alright, so when I said no other nodes were affected, that was because I hadn’t seen Node 1 yet. On this server, the contact email address has also been changed.

I am very sorry to whoever I hurt so badly that they felt the need to do this. And again to everyone for my failure not to get version 4.0 of the site up in time. This would not be possible in that version of the site, based on the fact WHM passwords are encrypted with constantly changing keys and not given to staff except with administrative approval, on a case by case basis. I am hoping that I can find the worst possible hackers to please help me test version 4.0 and prevent anything that can possible occur. Hackers, we need you on our side please.

Node 1 may sadly be more of a battle than Node 7 to bring back, but I’m sure SmokyHosts will be able to see the value in doing this for us. And once again very glad you guys have your own backups as I’ve recommended many times.



1. Guy - December 31, 2010

White hat reporting in.

2. Michael K. Spears - December 31, 2010

Stupid idiot hackers, let me know if you need any help Matt, I’m looking to do some volunteering, or I can purchase a reseller account, I’m good friends with the CEO of SemoWeb (http://semoweb.com). So I can get a great deal for IMW

3. Nqzdepofltr - December 31, 2010

Ok so smokyhosts is trying to restore the backups, Right? 😦

4. Troll - January 3, 2011

Good luck.

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